Health & Safety

Workplace injury costs the UK £4.8 billion a year

Competent Person

Employers must appoint a competent person or people in order to help them meet their health and safety legal duties – however this can be a hurdle for many organisations, particularly SMEs, as they may not have the resources to fund a full-time health and safety employee.

What is a competent person?

A competent person in health and safety is someone, either an internal employee or an external advisor, who is sufficiently trained and has the level of knowledge and experience necessary to assist you. The level of competence needed depends on the type and complexity of the help you need.

Do I need to appoint a competent person?

Yes – this is a legal requirement as set out in The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

How can WA Management help?

WA Management are certified competent consultants under the SSIP (Safety Systems In Procurement) scheme and registered on the Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OSHCR), and offer our services to companies of all sizes and industries. For a monthly retainer, these services include:

  • To be named as Health and Safety Competent Person.
  • Regular updates to changes in safety legislation and other information through our newsletter.
  • Advice through phone calls and e-mails as required.
  • Discounted hourly rate for all additional work such as producing site specific risk assessments and/or method statements.
  • Site inspections for a fixed fee.

Competent person services can be delivered as either a standalone service, or as part of a wider package covering the implementation and maintenance of a management system including a policy, risk assessments, auditing, training and 365 days a year health and safety advice.

All of this is available as part of a monthly bespoke retainer or as a project chargeable at an hourly rate.