Category: Safety Spotlight

Spotlight on two health and safety subjects and their relevant courses which will be discounted for the HOM.

Safety Spotlight: Environmental Awareness & Resource Efficiency

As part of June’s Hazard of the Month, Environmental, we’re highlighting two key areas: Environmental Awareness and Resource Efficiency. Environmental Awareness SSIPs and Pre-Qualification Questionnaires are increasingly more focused on environmental issues, as they play an important role in the selection of suppliers and contractors, and the planning of works – often leading to requests for proof of environmental training […]

Safety Spotlight: PPE and Site Induction

As part of May’s Hazard of the Month, Outsourcing, we’re highlighting two key areas: PPE and Site Induction. PPE Choosing the right personal protective equipment for the job is essential. However, what is equally as important is where your PPE is supplied from – any PPE you purchase must comply with product supply legislation. Regulation 2016/425 […]

Safety Spotlight: Code of Conduct and Communication Skills

As part of April’s Hazard of the Month, Behavioural Management, we’re highlighting two key areas: Code of Conduct and Communication Skills. Code of Conduct A code of conduct outlines what leaders expect in behaviour throughout the company, covering integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, professionalism, and competence. It fosters a positive work environment, guiding employees on how to interact […]

Safety Spotlight: Risk Assessment & Working at Height

As part of March’s Hazard of the Month, Working at Height, we’re highlighting two key areas: Risk Assessment and Working at Height. Risk Assessment According to the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, the minimum legal duties of an employer include: Identifying potential sources of injury or illness in your business (hazards). Assessing […]

Safety Spotlight: Asbestos Awareness and COSHH

As part of February’s Hazard of the Month, Occupational Health, we’re highlighting two key areas: Asbestos Awareness and Control of Hazardous Substances. Asbestos Awareness Asbestos exposure is one of the biggest occupational hazards to workers in the UK, with around 5000 people dying from asbestos-related illnesses every year. These diseases, such as mesothelioma and lung disease, are incurable and […]

Safety Spotlight: Mental Health Awareness & Healthy Living

As part of January’s Hazard of the Month, Wellbeing, we’re highlighting two key areas: Mental Health Awareness and Healthy Living. Mental Health Awareness More than 17.9 million working days were lost in the last year due to stress, anxiety, or depression, with stress being the leading cause for sick days in the UK. All employers are required by […]

Safety Spotlight: Cyber Security, GDPR & Phishing Awareness

As part of December’s Hazard of the Month, IT Security and GDPR, we’re highlighting three key areas: Cyber Security, GDPR & Phishing Awareness. Cyber Security Taking action to protect yourself and your business from cyber security risks is essential in this modern age of working. However, it doesn’t need to be daunting – there are some […]

Safety Spotlight – Fire Safety & Fire Wardens

As part of November’s Hazard of the Month, Fire, we’re highlighting two key areas: Fire Safety and Fire Wardens. Fire Safety Work involving flammable substances like gases, vapours, mists, or combustible dusts can lead to fires or explosions if mixed with air and ignited. These incidents can cause severe damage to lives, property, the environment, and […]

Safety Spotlight – Asbestos Awareness, Manual Handling & Working at Height

As part of October’s Hazard of the Month, Construction, we’re highlighting three key areas: Asbestos Awareness, Manual Handling & Working at Height. Asbestos Awareness There are three levels of asbestos training, dependent on the extent with which a worker will interact with asbestos. These are: Asbestos awareness Non-licensable work with asbestos including NNLW Licensable work with […]

Safety Spotlight – Display Screen Equipment and Lone Working

As part of September’s Hazard of the Month, Display Screen Equipment, we’re highlighting two key areas: Display Screen Equipment and Lone Working. Display Screen Equipment For any workers that use display screen equipment daily, continuously for an hour or longer, and as part of their regular role, employers must undertake a workstation assessment as per the […]