Under Construction App

A simple, personalised health and safety compliance app

Under Construction

We are very proud to present Under Construction, a simple, personalised project management system app, created in partnership with App, Website and Digital Agency Image Plus.

Many of our customers have approached us over the years seeking suggestions for digitisation solutions that would meet their operational and compliance needs. However, after over two years of research, there was nothing to be found on the market that:

  • Covered all customer needs in one piece of software
  • Were simple to understand and easy to use
  • Didn’t require time and personnel resources that SMEs don’t have to spare
  • Was at an affordable price point

With all of this in mind, we joined forces with Image Plus to deliver that solution!

What does Under Construction cover?

Under Construction has had its Version 1 release, however it is still in development. Therefore, the focus of the app is currently exclusively on forms, which covers all of the paper-based forms you would usually use.

These forms, based on our tried and tested documents, will be digitised and available through the app on a phone, tablet or laptop to be completed anytime, anywhere.

Two types of form will be available:

  • Static templates: These are fixed templates that can be used to generate detailed statistics.
  • Custom-created forms: These are bespoke forms created to fit your documentation requirements.

The pipeline for further development includes:

  • Document storage
  • Asset registers
  • Training matrix
  • Operations management
  • Contractor management

Under Construction is currently only available to WA Management retained customers – get in contact to learn more!