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Week Commencing 30/10/2023 – In The News

Unsafe and potentially dangerous ladders are being sold online – experts have warned Experts have warned that unsafe and potentially dangerous ladders are being sold online after a study found 70% failed to meet minimum safety requirements. Serious concerns have been raised after research commissioned by the Ladder Association showed every sample tested from Amazon […]

Week Commencing 23/10/2023 – In The News

Companies fined after labourer fractures skull Two companies have been fined £46,000 in total after a labourer from Runcorn fractured his skull. The man had been working on a new build house when he fell through a stairwell on 3 March 2021. He was working for Total Brickwork (UK) Ltd at a construction site run […]

Staying Safe on Site: Top 10 Tips for Construction Site Health and Safety Risk Management

Construction is a high-risk industry, both for injuries, and for ill health. Controlling these risks is paramount in protecting your workforce, and there are many different aspects to be considered – keep reading for an overview of how you can achieve effective Health and Safety risk management on site. 1. Common Health and Safety Risks […]

Safety Spotlight – Asbestos Awareness, Manual Handling & Working at Height

As part of October’s Hazard of the Month, Construction, we’re highlighting three key areas: Asbestos Awareness, Manual Handling & Working at Height. Asbestos Awareness There are three levels of asbestos training, dependent on the extent with which a worker will interact with asbestos. These are: Asbestos awareness Non-licensable work with asbestos including NNLW Licensable work with […]

Week Commencing 09/01/2023 – In The News

Campaign to help safeguard older farmers Last month, the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) launched an awareness campaign aimed at older farmers called ‘Farming gets riskier with age’. The media campaign is aimed at helping to keep older farmers safer in the workplace by asking them to consider their physical limitations before […]

Week Commencing 31/10/2022 – In The News

Worker falls through petrol station canopy A Tyne and Wear engineering company has been fined £20,000 after a worker fractured his pelvis and suffered internal injuries after falling through a petrol station forecourt canopy. The employee of G Nicholson (Engineers) Limited was replacing guttering at the top of the canopy on the company’s petrol station […]

Week Commencing 25/07/2022 – In The News

Drone lifeguard saves boy, 14, from drowning in sea in Valencia in Spain A pioneering drone lifeguard has saved a 14-year-old boy from drowning in the sea in Valencia in Spain. The drone lifeguard service, which has been rolled out across Spanish beaches, dropped a life vest into the sea this month that was able […]

Different Types of Working at Height Equipment

Working at height can be carried out on a variety of different pieces of equipment. Depending on the site and works, multiple pieces of access equipment might be available for use. Each item will have their own necessary competencies and a different schedule of required inspections. Scaffolds Scaffolds are a common sight on construction sites. […]

First Aid: Falls From Height, Spinal Injuries and Manual In-line Stabilisation

Every day in the UK 2-3 people will suffer spinal cord injuries. While some of these are caused by non-traumatic causes, the majority are caused by road traffic incidents, falls or sporting activities. Falls from height are one of the most prevalent causes of work-related injuries and deaths, responsible for over 20% of deaths in […]

Week Commencing 11/07/2022 – In The News

How to keep cool at work during the heatwave The Met Office has extended an Amber Extreme heat warning, as temperatures look to build later this week and early next week for much of England and Wales. According to the HSE, the law does not state a minimum or maximum temperature, but the temperature in […]