Mental Health Matters: Support Services

Seeking Mental Health Support Seeking help isn’t always easy, especially for mental health problems. Unfortunately, the stigma around disclosing you are unwell still remains despite the many campaigns and open conversations that are happening every day across the country. It can also seem complicated, and it may feel like people aren’t listening to you, or […]

Mental Health Matters: Psychosis

What does the term ‘Psycho‘ mean to you? Does it conjure up images of a person being dangerously violent, maybe attacking people out of nowhere or simply exploding into a fit of rage for no apparent reason? It is unfortunate that the stigma around Psychosis is such that a majority of people will think this […]

Mental Health Matters: Self-Harm

Letter dice spelling out 'self harm'

Content warning: please note this article discusses sensitive topics including self-harm, suicide and mentions of eating disorders and substance abuse.    Self-harm can be difficult to talk about and hard for others to understand as there are many misconceptions about the behaviour, and just as many preconceived ideas and stereotypes as well. Before you continue […]