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Mental Health Myths and Facts

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Mental health problems continue to be a growing concern in the UK, with the ongoing impact of COVID-19 only exacerbating the situation. Following on from ‘Time to Talk Day’ which was a day dedicated to trying to get more people comfortable about talking about Mental Health, we thought we would debunk a few of the […]

Mythbusting: You Can’t Reduce Severity

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Over the years I have met several training delegates and auditees who told me a similar story:  “Our safety department won’t let us reduce the severity rating on risk assessments”. These people worked in a host of different industries:  Construction, rail, manufacturing and the public sector.  They were using risk assessment methodologies that required them […]

November 2016 – In the News

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Heinz Forced to Take Their Empty Can-Tapping Advert Off The Air Amid Health And Safety Row Watchdogs have banned a TV commercial for Heinz Baked Beans on health and safety grounds. The advert showed youngsters and adults tapping out the complex rhythms of a song on empty cans. Heinz fell foul of the Advertising Standards […]