Safety Spotlight: Risk Assessment & Working at Height

As part of March’s Hazard of the Month, Working at Height, we’re highlighting two key areas: Risk Assessment and Working at Height. Risk Assessment According to the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, the minimum legal duties of an employer include: Identifying potential sources of injury or illness in your business (hazards). Assessing […]

Safety Spotlight: Mental Health Awareness & Healthy Living

As part of January’s Hazard of the Month, Wellbeing, we’re highlighting two key areas: Mental Health Awareness and Healthy Living. Mental Health Awareness More than 17.9 million working days were lost in the last year due to stress, anxiety, or depression, with stress being the leading cause for sick days in the UK. All employers are required by […]

PPE Toolbox Talk

This blog can be delivered to your staff as a Toolbox Talk. If you require a specific Toolbox Talk for your workplace, please feel free to get in touch. Reason: Absence of PPE, where identified as required from a risk assessment, can expose an operative to something that has the potential to cause harm. Outline: […]

Week Commencing 20/11/2023 – In The News

Time to tackle “plague” of work accidents and ill health, says new IOSH President The new President of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is calling on the profession to challenge itself to develop new ways of tackling the “unacceptably high” number of work-related deaths, fatalities and ill health.   With an estimated […]

Week Commencing 02/10/2023 – In The News

Explosion at Oxfordshire recycling plant after lightning strike A lightning strike has caused a huge gas explosion at a food waste recycling plant in Oxfordshire. Witnesses reported seeing a fireball light up the night sky after the blast at the Severn Trent Green Power Plant at Cassington, north of Oxford. The company said the strike […]

Week Commencing 07/08/2023 – In The News

Driver welfare: Are you fit to drive? In his monthly column, Simon Turner sheds light on the far-reaching implications of driver welfare beyond organisational care, emphasising its direct influence on road safety. Driver welfare goes beyond the pastoral care good organisations offer to employees – it has a direct effect on road safety. Driver welfare […]

Top 10 Actions You Need to Take in Preventing Legionnaire’s Disease

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, employers have a duty to understand, assess, and control the risks of legionella bacteria. Keep reading to learn more about the actions this involves. 1. Understand what Legionnaire’s disease is Legionnaire’s disease is a form of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria, which can be found […]

Safety Spotlight: Alcohol and Drugs Awareness & Legionella

As part of July’s Hazard of the Month, Weather, we’re highlighting two key areas: Alcohol and Drug Awareness & Legionella. Alcohol and Drug Awareness During the summer months, it is often observed that there is an increased alcohol and recreational drug use. There are a number of reasons this could be – including more opportunities (such […]

Tips for Ensuring Proper Workplace Ventilation

Poor ventilation is a common shortcoming for many workplaces. Ventilation is important in particular during the winter months as poorly ventilated conditions are perfect environments for bacteria to grow and illnesses to spread. While the HSE has no specific guidelines on general ventilation, there are many restrictions on workplace temperatures, CO2 levels and humidity, all […]

Stress Toolbox Talk

This blog can be delivered to your staff as a Toolbox Talk. If you require a specific Toolbox Talk for your workplace, please feel free to get in touch. Objectives of Talk: To increase awareness of stress in the workplace; to describe the dangers of keeping issues bottled up and continuing work in an unfocused mind-set […]