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Week Commencing 20/11/2023 – In The News

Time to tackle “plague” of work accidents and ill health, says new IOSH President The new President of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is calling on the profession to challenge itself to develop new ways of tackling the “unacceptably high” number of work-related deaths, fatalities and ill health.   With an estimated […]

Week Commencing 23/10/2023 – In The News

Companies fined after labourer fractures skull Two companies have been fined £46,000 in total after a labourer from Runcorn fractured his skull. The man had been working on a new build house when he fell through a stairwell on 3 March 2021. He was working for Total Brickwork (UK) Ltd at a construction site run […]

Noise at Work Toolbox Talk

This blog can be delivered to your staff as a Toolbox Talk. If you require a specific Toolbox Talk for your workplace, please feel free to get in touch. Reason: Noise-induced hearing loss is a common occupational health hazard. There is no satisfactory treatment for noise-induced hearing loss. When you’re deaf, you stay deaf. Outline: […]

Top 10 Tips for Protecting Your Employee’s Hearing at Work

Employers have a responsibility by law to protect the hearing of their employees by eliminating or reducing risks from exposure to noise. The complexity of the actions required will depend on the level of risk, but the steps you should take to protect your employees are very similar – keep reading to learn more! 1. […]

Safety Spotlight: Hand Arm Vibration & Noise at Work

As part of February’s Hazard of the Month, Occupational Health, we’re highlighting two key areas: Hand Arm Vibration and Noise at Work. Hand Arm Vibration Hand arm vibration is a condition caused by the use of hand-held power tools, and can cause significant and disabling damage – with nearly 2 million people at risk of ill health, including loss of grip […]

Safety Spotlight: Abrasive Wheels, Hand Arm Vibration, & Noise at Work

As part of August’s Hazard of the Month, Equipment, we’re highlighting three key areas: Abrasive Wheels, Hand Arm Vibration, and Noise at Work. Abrasive Wheels In nearly half of all accidents involving abrasive wheels, the cause is due to an unsafe system of work or operator error. Abrasive wheels inherently carry the risk of breakage, […]

Week Commencing 28/02/2022 – In The News

Toyota to close Japanese factories after suspected cyber-attack Toyota will shut down all 14 of its factories in Japan on Tuesday after a possible cyber-attack. News site Nikkei, which first reported the shutdown, said supplier Kojima Industries Corporation suspected it had been hit by a cyber-attack, causing a halt in production. Japanese factories account for […]

Controlling Noise at Work: HSE Guidance Update

Last week the HSE updated their L108 Controlling Noise at Work guidance. The layout of the guidance has been modified to emphasise that the priority is for control of exposure and risk. There are changes to legislation that have required minor changes to the noise regulations (Regulation 2(1), 3(3) and 7(4)). It should be noted […]