Week Commencing 11/12/2023 – In The News

Cider manufacturer fined following grandad’s death Tommy Manns, from Dymock, Gloucestershire, was driving for H Weston and Sons Limited, the manufacturer of Henry Westons Cider, when he was killed by the end of a security barrier on 28 September 2020. H Weston and Sons Limited was fined £1.4 million on Thursday after the company was […]

The Importance of a Cyber Security Culture in the Workplace

In this digital age, cyber threats are now a prevalent hazard to businesses that rely on technology – and these attacks will only continue to become more complicated and clever. Therefore, it is essential that workplaces foster a culture of cyber security awareness, and give their employees the tools to become effective security controls. Keep […]

Top 10 Cyber Security Tips for Your Small Business

All businesses must be prepared for cyber attacks – particularly smaller businesses that are more vulnerable due to limited resources. This blog covers some of our top tips for building your cyber security strategy to protect your business. 1. Conduct a cybersecurity audit Analyse and review your cyber security procedures and infrastructure – risk assessing […]

GDPR for Business

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, which is part of the Data Protection Act 2018. This regulation relates to the handling of personal data by companies storing personal information, whether this is in a private, public, or work capacity. Keep reading to learn more about your business responsibilities under GDPR. What is personal […]

Safety Spotlight: Cyber Security, GDPR & Phishing Awareness

As part of December’s Hazard of the Month, IT Security and GDPR, we’re highlighting three key areas: Cyber Security, GDPR & Phishing Awareness. Cyber Security Taking action to protect yourself and your business from cyber security risks is essential in this modern age of working. However, it doesn’t need to be daunting – there are some […]

Protecting Your Business From Cyber Threats

laptop updating

In 2021/22, more than 80% of UK Organisations experienced a successful cyber attack. This abrupt and startling statistic speaks volumes of the threat that cyber criminals pose to SMEs across the country. Despite the realities that cyber-crime poses, SMEs can take steps to reduce their vulnerability and the potential impact of an attack. Fortunately there […]

Top 10 Tips for Improving Workplace Cyber Security

Good cyber security is the key to reducing the risk of a cyber attack in your organisations, and its main aim is to protect our devices, the services we use them to access, and the important information stored on them. The prospect of a cyber attack may seem scary, but we’ve put together some easy […]

Safety Spotlight: Cyber Security, Internet, Email & Social Media, and Phishing Awareness

As part of November’s Hazard of the Month, Cyber Threats, we’re highlighting three key areas: Cyber Security, Internet, Email & Social Media, and Phishing Awareness. Cyber Security Cyber security is how both individuals and businesses can reduce the risk of a cyber attack. The main purpose of cyber security is to protect our devices, such […]

Safety Spotlight: Time Management, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) & Risk Assessment

As part of November’s Hazard of the Month, Poor Planning, we’re highlighting three key areas: Time Management, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) & Risk Assessment. Time Management Time management is an essential skill to have to ensure that you have a proper work-life balance. Poor time management can lead to stress and feeling overwhelmed at […]

Week Commencing 20/06/2022 – In The News

Gatwick: Passenger with restricted mobility dies after leaving flight A passenger with restricted mobility has died at Gatwick Airport after leaving an aircraft. Gatwick said staff were helping to disembark three passengers with restricted mobility at the time, including the man’s partner. He decided to leave the EasyJet plane rather than wait for staff to […]