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Week commencing 24th September – In the News

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Dealing with the “hidden” issue of fatigue in the workplace This week, Occupational Health research company Third Pillar of Health looked at the consequences of fatigue in the workplace. The report elucidated how not only how the vast majority of professionals in the UK are not getting the full amount of sleep they need, but […]

Why No Harm Being Done Doesn’t Remove Risk of Huge Fines

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Risk of harm, rather than simply harm itself, is increasingly the crucial factor on which the HSE and the courts are coming down hard. Recent court decisions applying the Sentencing Council Definitive Guideline for Health and Safety Offences, Corporate Manslaughter and Food Safety and Hygiene Offences have highlighted that H&S offences are concerned with failures […]

Health and Safety at Britain’s Amusement Parks

Businessman riding on a roller coaster

British amusement parks were thrown into the media spotlight last year when an incident on the Smiler rollercoaster at Alton Towers left five people with serious injuries. Since the crash, even routine stops on rides around the country have made dramatic headlines – but how safe are they really? The record at theme parks and […]

May 2016 – In the News

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Balfour Beatty fined £2.6m After Fatal Trench Collapse On 14 April 2010 Sim had climbed into one of the deepest parts of the trench, which had sheer sides, to connect two pieces of ducting when a large piece of the wall collapsed on him. Between 10 and 20 colleagues, including workers directly employed Balfour Beatty, […]

March 2016 – In the News

Accident on a rollercoaster.

Alton Towers owners to face prosecution The owner of Alton Towers is to be prosecuted after a rollercoaster crash last year, which left five people seriously injured. Victoria Balch and Leah Washington had their legs amputated after the crash on 2 June 2015, when the Smiler rollercoaster ride hit an empty carriage in front of it. An […]