Mindfulness Training Course

Mindfulness Training Course

£19.20 (£16.00 ex VAT)

Mindfulness – Summary

Our Online Mindfulness Course describes what mindfulness is and its benefits for maintaining good mental health. The course outlines the main elements of mindfulness as used in healthcare settings including mindfulness attitudes, mindfulness meditation and yoga and informal mindfulness.

  • Certification:- Mindfulness Training Certificate available immediately on successful completion of the course
  • Cost:- £16.00 + VAT
  • Duration:- 65 mins
  • Format: Available online via desktop or tablet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Mindfulness Online Training Course

Mindfulness: – Course Overview

What does mindfulness mean?

Mindfulness is a way to improve mental wellbeing through an awareness of ourselves and the world around us. It is a technique you can learn and practice to help your mental health and wellbeing; studies show that practising mindfulness can help to manage depression, anxiety problems and feelings of stress.

This Mindfulness course will:

  • Explain how mindfulness can improve mental wellbeing and reduce stress
  • Summarise the nine attitudes of mindfulness and their benefits
  • Introduce detailed techniques for mindfulness meditation and yoga
  • Outline informal mindfulness techniques that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine

Mindfulness: – Suitable For

The Mindfulness training course is perfect for all employees including managers, to help them make use of mindfulness as a technique to improve mental wellbeing.


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