Display Screen Equipment Training Course (DSE) (RoSPA Accredited)

Display Screen Equipment Training Course (DSE) (RoSPA Accredited)

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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) – Summary

The Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 (DSE) were introduced because the use of display screens or Visual Display Units (VDU) has become one of the most common kinds of work equipment. They aim to protect the health of people that use display screens at work, including; PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Although DSE equipment is a well-used feature of most businesses, the risks of using display screen equipment associated are often down stated. They include: fatigue, eye strain, upper limb problems and backache.

This course focuses on how to reduce the risks of using display screens at work.

  • Certification:- RoSPA accredited Display Screen Equipment Training Certificate available immediately on successful completion of the course
  • Cost:- £16.50 + VAT
  • Duration:- 40 mins
  • Format: Available online via desktop or tablet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (immediately after purchase)

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Display Screen Equipment Online Training Course (DSE)

Display Screen Equipment (DSE): – Course Overview

This Display Screen Equipment Training course is perfect for all employees and managers who use DSE during their working day. The course will:

  • Explain the ergonomics and benefits of a comfortable sitting position.
  • Highlight correct keyboard and mouse techniques.
  • show the importance of an individual’s workstation to match their needs.
  • Demonstrate various postures to use throughout the day.
  • Explain the impact of eyestrain and establish an eyesight policy to reduce this.
  • Discuss the correct use of laptops and mobile devices.
  • Demonstrate suitable in-office exercises and stretches to keep users comfortable.

This training is designed to pair with a Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment which should be carried out by the user after completion of the training.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE):  – Suitable For

The DSE Regulations 1992 apply to workers who use DSE daily, for an hour or more at a time. We describe these workers as ‘DSE users’.

This course is ideal for office workers who are regularly using a screen. It will help keep you and your team healthy and comfortable at work.

It is also an employer’s responsibility to protect workers from DSE related Health Risks.

Please Note

This e-learning course only provides awareness education. Face to face training is required in order to complete the all-round skills and knowledge to carry this forward practically in your organisation.


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