Communication Skills Training Course

Communication Skills Training Course

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Communication Skills – Summary

The online Communication Skills training course will help you to improve your personal and business communication skills on both a verbal and non-verbal level, so that your everyday interactions are more productive and meaningful. This course will provide you with tips and techniques on how to choose the best channel of communication and how to overcome barriers to effective communication.

  • Certification:- Communication Skills Training Certificate available immediately on successful completion of the course
  • Cost:- £16.00 + VAT
  • Duration:- 70 mins
  • Format: Available online via desktop or tablet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Communications Skills Online Training Course

Communication Skills: – Course Overview

The way you communicate affects every aspect of your life. You can communicate through spoken words, e.g. in a face-to-face conversation or talking on the phone, through writing, such as an email or report, or nonverbally through your body language and facial expressions.

Improving your interpersonal skills not only helps you more accurately and effectively convey your message but can help you build more meaningful relationships and interact more effectively with the people around you. If you feel you are not a good communicator, there are many techniques you can use to improve.

This Communication Skills course describes the benefits of effective communication for individuals, teams and organisations. The course provides tips and techniques for effective verbal and nonverbal communication in order to improve productivity, reduce stress and build more meaningful relationships.

Communication Skills: – Suitable for

The Communication Skills course is available online and is ideal for an employee in any type of organisation who wishes to improve communication both verbally and non-verbally.

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