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First Aid: First Aid Kits and Additional Content

It’s that time of year again, when children of all ages start writing their lists ready for the big day. In years gone by, this used to be in the form of circling the items in an Argos catalogue, for which I suppose the modern equivalent is sending links from Amazon (other shopping sites are […]

First Aid: PPE & First Aid

PPE, as we know, is the last line of defence when looking at control measures for hazards. PPE should be selected on its suitability for the wearer and compatibility with the task being conducted and other PPE that may be worn. PPE therefore can present some challenges to the first aider responding to an incident […]

First Aid: Burns

Burns can occur in any workplace; each year some 13,000 burns injuries are treated in British hospitals and around 200 people die from burn-related injuries. A third of adult burns are work-related. As these figures only represent those burns that are treated in hospital, the actual figure is potentially much higher. What Can Cause Burns? […]

First Aid: Amputations and Lost Teeth

HSE accident statistics tell us that in the reporting year 2020/2021 there were 456 reported amputation injuries in the workplace. Historically this figure has been around the 580 mark, so taking into account reduced access to work thorough the Covid-19 pandemic reducing this figure, statistically the chances of an amputation in the workplace are relatively […]

First Aid: Falls From Height, Spinal Injuries and Manual In-line Stabilisation

Every day in the UK 2-3 people will suffer spinal cord injuries. While some of these are caused by non-traumatic causes, the majority are caused by road traffic incidents, falls or sporting activities. Falls from height are one of the most prevalent causes of work-related injuries and deaths, responsible for over 20% of deaths in […]

First Aid: Asthma

Asthma is a common lung condition that causes occasional breathing difficulties. It causes the airways to narrow and swell and they may produce extra mucus making breathing difficult. It affects people of all ages and often starts in childhood, although it can also develop for the first time in adults. What Causes Asthma? Contact with […]

First Aid: Adaptations for Pregnancy

First aid is not always a one-size-fits-all approach – there are some circumstances which call for an adjustment in the way first aid is administered. Due to the associated anatomical and physiological changes, pregnancy is one such example where some changes should be made. Pregnancy can also cause rescuers to hesitate to administer first aid […]

First Aid: Poisoning

With the build up to the festive period, and the potential for overindulgence that comes with it, we thought now would be a fitting time to touch on the subject of poisoning. Put simply, poisoning is where a person is exposed to a substance that can damage their health or endanger their life – whether that […]

First Aid: Head Injuries and Concussion

Prominent in the news recently are the stories of several former elite level rugby players suing the RFU for brain damage following repeated concussions from playing the sport. Most notably Steve Thompson, a member of the World Cup Winning Squad in 2003, who says he cannot remember any of the games he played in. A […]

First Aid: Angina

Way back in July, we explored Heart Attacks and their signs and symptoms. On a similar vein is Angina Pectoris, more commonly known as Angina. Angina occurs when the heart does not get as much blood as it needs, usually because one of the hearts arteries is narrowed or blocked. Types of Angina There are […]