Case Studies

2012 Olympics: Safety Provision for Olympic Venue Weymouth

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2012 Olympics

Job: Safety Provision for Olympic Venue Weymouth

Location: London, & Weymouth

Industry: Sports & Live Events Management

Date: January – August 2012

Scope of Work

The health and safety of workers was always the number one priority for the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) during the development of the Olympic Park and other facilities. LOCOG was required to ensure compliance with its own safety procedures by the relevant licencing authorities. This involved a fully competent and suitably experienced health and safety advisors being present to help produce, implement and deliver a harm free environment at every venue being used during London 2012 and its build-up.

Action Taken

Safety specialists were recruited to assist LOCOG in ensuring safety management processes were implemented and undertaken on venue. Integration into the senior venue teams and direct relationships with Local Authorities and external bodies such as the HSE and environmental agency ensured high risk hazards were identified and solutions prioritised and implemented to enable full compliance on venue.

Case Study Result

WA Management provided the venue support at Weymouth, the location for the sailing for the Olympics and Para Olympics. The presence of our consultant on site ensured that LOCOG had the confidence and assurance that they were meeting their obligations, were fully compliant and allowed them to deliver the safest ever Games in history. WA Management is proud to have been part of this success.