Elizabeth Davis – SHEQ Trainee

Elizabeth joined WA Management in October 2021 as a SHEQ Trainee Consultant and is currently working towards her NEBOSH General Certificate.

However, Elizabeth did not start off her working life with a thought to go into Health and Safety. Initially she studied for a BA in Classics at Royal Holloway, where she learnt all about Salus and Hygeia, the Roman and Greek goddesses of safety and hygiene. She also discovered the dangers of life in an ancient civilisation, from great fires that could engulf entire cities to chariot race pile-ups! She then had a short stint as a teacher, facing off against common health and safety risks in the classroom, such as slips, trips, falls, and teenagers.

COVID-19 gave her the time to consider a career change and she was drawn to Health and Safety.

Elizabeth is a video game enthusiast and can mostly be found sinking into a variety of fantasy and sci-fi worlds in her spare time. When not doing this, she enjoys reading, going to the cinema, drinking the occasional cider, and binging Netflix.