Safety Spotlight: Environmental Awareness & Resource Efficiency

As part of June’s Hazard of the MonthEnvironmental, we’re highlighting two key areas: Environmental Awareness and Resource Efficiency.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness infographic with bullet point steps from the textSSIPs and Pre-Qualification Questionnaires are increasingly more focused on environmental issues, as they play an important role in the selection of suppliers and contractors, and the planning of works – often leading to requests for proof of environmental training undertaken by staff.

Everyone in an organisation, from employees to management, can contribute to reducing the company’s environmental impact, and has a duty to do what they can to minimise resource consumption and waste.

By understanding how resources are used and enhancing resource efficiency and waste management, both individuals and the company as a whole can save money while lessening their environmental footprint.

Steps to achieve this include:

  • implementing a waste hierarchy
  • identifying workplace ‘waste’ and ‘resources’
  • understanding resource management’s importance and environmental impact
  • understanding environmental legislation, responsibility and management systems
  • understanding the small actions we can take to help to reduce our carbon footprint

Our Environmental Awareness course covers these subjects and more, helping learners understand how they can make an impact in their workplace.

Make sure your workforce have the tools they need to reduce both their individual and the company’s environmental impact with our Environmental Awareness Online Course. This course is suitable for employees at all levels within an organisation. Get 10% off this course with the code ‘enviro10’!

Resource Efficiency

the waste hierarchyResource efficiency involves using resources sustainably while minimising environmental impacts. This strategy can effectively benefit the environment in straightforward and practical ways. By improving their efficiency, businesses can lower costs and contribute to developing a green, resource-efficient, low-carbon circular economy.

One of the most effective methods to enhance resource efficiency is by adhering to the waste hierarchy. This hierarchy outlines optimal waste management steps to prevent waste disposal when possible, thereby reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills, where it can emit pollutants.

By following the waste hierarchy, businesses can maximise their resource utilization and promote reuse through recycling, fostering a circular economy. Additionally, it can introduce methods to use water, electricity, and fuel more efficiently, reducing costs and extending the lifespan of available resources.

Utilising resource efficiency in the workplace can help in:

  • reducing overheads and increase your profitability;
  • increasing profits
  • improving health, safety and environmental compliance
  • improving your reputation with employees, customers, industry and your local community
  • improving your workplace and environment

Environmental Awareness and Resource Efficiency courses can help your workforce gain an understanding of how they can reduce their environmental impact. Make sure you don’t miss out on our 10% off deal on these courses, available until the end of June. Simply enter the code ‘enviro10’ at checkout to save!

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