Safety Spotlight: PPE and Site Induction

As part of May’s Hazard of the MonthOutsourcing, we’re highlighting two key areas: PPE and Site Induction.


Choosing the right personal protective equipment for the job is essential. However, what is equally as important is where your PPE is supplied from – any PPE you purchase must comply with product supply legislation.

Regulation 2016/425 (as incorporated into UK law), covers the essential health and safety requirements that must be met before PPE products can be sold in the United Kingdom. These regulations are enforced by the HSE for any PPE intended to be used in the workplace.

What must employers do?

If you are providing your workforce with PPE, you must:

  • choose products which are UKCA marked (CE marks may be applicable in specific circumstances)
  • ensure PPE comes with a Declaration of Conformity and instructions on how to use the item
  • ensure that equipment is only ever used in accordance with the instructions from the manufacturer

The HSE also have their own platform for reporting any PPE does not comply with the product supply legislation.

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Site Induction

Every site worker must be given an appropriate site induction, which should be specific to the current site and cover risks and control measures associated with the project.

The following subjects should be taken into account:

  • Senior management commitment to health and safety
  • Project outline
  • Project management
  • Arrangements for first-aid
  • Accident and incident reporting arrangements
  • Arrangements for ongoing briefings e.g. toolbox talks
  • Arrangements for consulting the workforce on health and safety matters
  • Individual worker’s responsibility for health and safety

Proportionate inductions should also be given to occasional or one-off visitors, although escorted visitors will need less detail than unescorted ones.

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