The Importance of a Cyber Security Culture in the Workplace

In this digital age, cyber threats are now a prevalent hazard to businesses that rely on technology – and these attacks will only continue to become more complicated and clever.

Therefore, it is essential that workplaces foster a culture of cyber security awareness, and give their employees the tools to become effective security controls.

Keep reading to learn more about the role of an effective cyber security culture.

What is a cyber security workplace culture?

The concept of cyber security culture is about embedding a mindset within employees that the risk of cybercrime is real, and their daily actions impact that risk.

This stems from the attitudes, knowledge, assumptions & values within a workforce.

This is shaped by the structure, goals processes and policies set out by the leadership of an organisation which a specifically emphasises and reinforces security behaviours among staff to help to protect your organisation against a cyber-attack.

Why is a good cyber security culture important?

A strong cyber security culture not only helps improve an organisation’s reputation with its customer base, but operating with a workforce in which strong cyber habits are standard practice also frees up more time to focus on the key aspects of their business with the workforce operating more securely with less effort.

Having a strong cyber security culture is more than just preventing data breaches and cyber-attacks. It’s also about building trust with customers and being socially responsible as an organisation.

Having cyber security skills cultivated within a strong cyber security culture is something which is beneficial to all our everyday lives both in and out of work.

How do you develop a good cyber security culture?

Developing a strong cyber security culture is a matter of tactics and strategy.

It starts with encouraging the right habits and championing adoption of best practices. You then need to ensure that you understand what the current cyber security culture within your organisation looks like from there you can identify where gaps are and create a plan to fix those gaps moving forward.

The key to its success is the support that comes from leadership. Not only setting good examples and leading by them but also listening to employees being prepared to make the right adjustments as you move towards your goals.

How can WA Management help?

WA Management offer an online Cyber Security training course suitable for all employees, at any level, who use the internet as part of their role.

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