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Report gets ‘Under the Surface of Health and Safety’

ppeRS has released the ‘Under the Surface of Health and Safety’ report, based on findings from a survey that aimed to explore challenges and priorities for health and safety professionals in the current climate.

The survey was conducted among more than 700 respondents working in health and safety roles in the UK, across a variety of sectors including food and beverage, manufacturing, energy, public services, aerospace and rail industries. The resulting report covers key areas including PPE availability, safety and compliance confidence levels, and the role of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainability in the future of health and safety.

Read about the results on the HSM website.

Metaverse helps to alleviate anxiety in the workplace

metaverseA metaverse has been used to carry out an anonymous study which found miscommunication and fear are root causes of anxiety in the workplace.

Virtual platform Rethinkly has been used to speak to people about anxiety and its impact on productivity – and 26% of respondents said they harbour all workplace tension and find confrontation too difficult.

The survey showed 35% of workers admit they are unable to fulfil any kind of public delivery such as presentations and client meetings without some form of anxiety, 28% said the inability to communicate within the workplace has had the largest impact on productivity and 18% said they worry they will be judged for making a mistake.

Furthermore, 15% of respondents are increasingly taking time off due to feeling so challenged and 25% felt that they have no voice in the workplace.

The software removes all real-world references to create a safe virtual space communicating anonymously using avatars.

Learn more about the study on the SHP website.

Teenager falls through dairy farm roof

cows on dairy farmA Bodmin dairy farm has been fined more than £60,000 after one of its workers sustained multiple injuries when he fell more than 20 feet through a roof on to a concrete floor.

Mike Rossiter, was just 18 when he was airlifted to Derriford hospital in Plymouth after the shed roof he was clearing gutters from gave way. As well as rupturing his spleen and liver, the farm worker also fractured several vertebrae. An additional fracture to his left elbow required surgery and a permanent plate in his arm.

“I was in hospital for two-and-a-half weeks,” he explained. “I have been left with permanent damage in my arm and no longer have full movement and I’m unable to lift and carry heavy things.”

A keen rugby player before the incident, 20-year-old Mr Rossiter, went on to say that despite being back in work and fully-supported by his employer, he still fears for his long-term future in the industry.

Visit the HSM website to learn more.

Ensuring worker safety and welfare on construction sites

construction siteConstruction site managers and employers have a duty of care to ensure effective health and safety across their sites. SHP hears from Dakota Murphey on worker safety and welfare…

The sheer amount of injuries, illnesses and long-term health issues that can affect employees are massive, and they are all made inherently more likely if managers are negligent when implementing proper safety measures. It’s widely believed that the construction industry is the UK’s deadliest, according to Building Magazine, with 30 deaths in 2021/22.

When considering the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) guidance on construction worker safety – which is an effective starting point when assessing the risk of your sites – it’s also important to note that the volume and severity of risks will vary from site to site. Some sites will involve contractors working at height, while others will involve a broader use of machinery or equipment, each of which presents its share of unique risks.

Therefore, it’s difficult to summarise exactly how many risks will be present, but as a loose guide, consider the below advice to help you ensure optimum health and safety for your workers.

Read more on the SHP website.

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