Georgia’s Journey: 4 Months as a SHEQ Trainee

Welcome back to Georgia’s Journey!

In this series of blogs we are following SHEQ Trainee Georgia’s progress as she works towards becoming a fully-qualified H&S Consultant.

Let’s see what she’s been up to this past month!

What have you enjoyed learning the most so far?

Recently, I went to visit a client whose work involves closing up holes in underground piping to prevent gas from escaping and polluting the ground. They do this using electrified fabrics and welding, both of which I have never seen been done before.

It was really interesting being able to see the process behind these maintenance projects. I used to just drive pass these operations and think they’re annoying road works stopping me from getting to work on time but now when I see the groundworks, I always wonder what they’re actually doing.

What has been the most challenging part of the role so far?

I have recently completed my first set of RAMS, and to do this I had to research into specific areas and tasks within production that I have never heard of before. For example, for this particular set of RAMS I had to understand how to drill and thread through an electrical circuit board – meaning I had to quickly gather a comprehensive knowledge on a lot of tools I’ve never used before.

It was challenging to have to try and create a methodology for a job I’ve never done, however I’m glad I did as I find myself transferring snippets of RAMS into other RAMS frequently and my terminology is growing massively.

How do you feel your skillset has grown since joining the team?

Since last month my confidence in going out and about to visit clients on my own has improved considerably. I feel so much more confident in picking up and analysing things I see on site, and have now started undertaking solo H&S audits.

I also completed my first solo trip to conduct PPE Face Fit Testing on operatives last month.

deskWhat are you working on at the moment?

I have just signed up to my NEBOSH General Certificate so I am working towards that over the next few months. Additionally, I recently completed my first batch of Face Fit Testing since completing my training course – which was really fun!

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