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‘Wellbeing support for staff will be vital to build a resilient business this year’, experts have warned

three colleagues discussing something at one colleague's deskSpecific, tailored wellbeing support for each individual employee will be vital to build a resilient business this year, health experts have warned.

Iain Laws, CEO of Towergate Health & Protection, believes employers can use wellbeing support to aid staffing issues and meet differing generational requirements.
He believes the need for more specific health benefits for individuals in a business will be driven by the scramble for talent, to both recruit and retain staff.
Iain said: “Employers will need to become more agile in their approach and commitment to non-financial benefits.

“They will have to be prepared to tailor their provision to offer the right support, to the right employees, in order to keep the business buoyant and resilient, and they’ll need expert help to guide them to the right solutions at the best value.”
Iain believes 2023 will be a key year for wellbeing benefits because of the limit to the salary increases that can be offered – and instead clever use of health and wellbeing support can help to ensure a strong offering to existing and new employees whose expectations of employer support will continue to increase.

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What can we expect from OSH jobs market in 2023?

safety goggles and helmet in front of a laptopWhether you’re looking to recruit new OSH professionals or searching for a new role yourself, you may be wondering what the OSH jobs market is set to look like in 2023. We asked experts at global careers consultancy for their thoughts.

The demand for OSH skills continues to be strong and there are good opportunities in most sectors. However, the economic situation has meant many professionals are choosing to stay put for now, and only those unhappy or specifically in need of a job are applying at the present time. Those passively searching are less likely to put themselves forward for new opportunities.

Liam Tiddy, Head of Executive Search

Within manufacturing, candidates are becoming more selective – looking for significant pay rises, clear progression and opportunities for hybrid working.

Ryan Binnee, Managing Consultant

In 2023 there will be an increased focus on getting the right fit both when recruiting for OSH jobs and when developing current teams. Aspirational alignment will become even more important as people expect their organisations to support them in achieving their career goals. Our inaugural Beyond HSEQ event in London last month highlighted the importance of ED&I to the future of our profession and the aspiration to create cognitively diverse teams.

Shona Paterson, Director of Talent Consultancy

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Return to work plan cannot be ignored, says IOSH

four colleagues working at a desk togetherIOSH has responded to a new plan announced by Jonathan Ashworth, shadow work and pensions secretary, to get more people with health conditions and disabilities into work.

In a statement, Ruth Wilkinson, IOSH head of policy said, “With the size of the UK workforce still well below pre-Covid levels, the announcement by shadow work and pensions secretary Jonathan Ashworth of his party’s plans to support more people with health conditions and disabilities to return to work cannot be ignored. It comes at a time when long-standing health issues among workers are becoming significant for regulators and employers.

“Mr Ashworth referred to a “monumental waste of human potential” and the need to help people find appropriate and supportive work that is good for them, for society and the economy.

Read more about IOSH’s response on the HSM website.

Road Safety Foundation: ‘Now is the time to invest in safer mobility for all road users’

uk roadTargeting investment across the British Road Network says that compared with pre-Covid data, fatal and serious casualties are down but that a return to pre-pandemic deaths and serious injuries is to be expected. However, recent rises in the cost of living may impact future traffic levels, travel speeds and subsequent casualties, and we may see a further effect caused by increased levels of home working, now embedded for many, post-Covid.

“Now is the time to invest in our road infrastructure to support safer and more sustainable mobility for all road users,” says Dr Suzy Charman, Executive Director of the Road Safety Foundation, and one of the report’s authors. “This will reduce the burden on our health care services and, at the same time, support environmental, health and cost-of-living imperatives.”

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