First Aid: First Aid Kits and Additional Content

first aid kit contents with overlay of christmas lightsIt’s that time of year again, when children of all ages start writing their lists ready for the big day. In years gone by, this used to be in the form of circling the items in an Argos catalogue, for which I suppose the modern equivalent is sending links from Amazon (other shopping sites are available!) or creating a list on their web site and sharing it.

In much the same way that these lists are used to ensure that stockings hung on the fireplace are filled, we also use lists to ensure that the green boxes or bags sitting on a shelf in the office or warehouse are also filled with the wanted items.

For those of us with a keen interest in First Aid and Medical supplies, the vast array of shiny equipment and supplies with exciting names can bring almost the same excitement as circling toys in an Argos book!

But what should we buy?

Oncoffice first aid kit contentse all the exciting and shiny equipment has been circled, next begins the task of deciding what to buy, and this is where the first aid needs assessment comes in. The HSE state that as a guide, for a low-risk area such as office work, a first aid kit might contain:

  • A leaflet with general guidance on first aid
  • Individually wrapped sterile plasters of assorted sizes
  • Sterile eye pads
  • Individually wrapped triangular bandages, preferably sterile
  • Safety pins
  • Large and medium-sized sterile, individually wrapped, unmedicated wound dressings
  • Disposable gloves

How much do you need in a first aid kit?

green first aid kitBS8599 also provides purchasers with a standard contents list of a first aid kit based on size, as well as the number that may be required across a business:

For low hazard workplaces the requirements are:

  • Fewer than 25 employees: 1 small workplace first aid kit.
  • From 25-100 employees: 1 medium workplace first aid kit.
  • Over 100 employees: 1 large workplace first aid kit per 100 employees.

For high hazard work environments, the requirements are slightly more stringent:

  • Fewer than five employees: 1 small first workplace first aid kit.
  • From 5-25 employees: 1 medium workplace first aid kit.
  • More than 25 employees: 1 large kit per 25 employees.

Other items such as tourniquets, haemostatic dressings and ice packs can also be included if a risk assessment deems them necessary.

Whatever the decision, first aid supplies should be bought from a reputable supplier to ensure that they have been tested to the required standard for the use that they are to be put to, and have been correctly made and sterilised in accordance with the appropriate practices.

Whether you’re in charge of Christmas stocking shopping or stocking the workplace first aid kit, it always pays to be prepared! And if you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of first aid and emergency response, we offer a QNUK accredited First Aid At Work course – learn more here.

first aid training infographic

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