Week Commencing 28/11/2022 – In The News

M&S distribution centre boosts staff safety

Forklift in a warehouseMarks and Spencer has reduced workplace incidents by 80% just 10 weeks after introducing AI driven health and safety technology from Irish start-up Protex AI to its distribution centre in Castle Donington.

Chosen by the retailer for its seamless integration with existing surveillance infrastructure, Protex AI uses CCTV systems to provide health and safety teams with safety technology that autonomously captures unsafe events and flags them to health and safety officers. By increasing visibility of these incidents on-site, Protex AI helped the M&S HSE team to catch patterns in unsafe behaviour and take proactive action, providing focused training to staff to correct issues.

In addition to flagging unsafe events to HSE teams, Protex AI allows them to be played back to employees, aiding in the provision of relevant health and safety education to correct unsafe behaviours. This ability to identify patterns in dangerous behaviours on the warehouse floor and respond to them quickly saw the frequency of unsafe events decrease by 40% in the first two weeks of implementing the technology.

Learn more on the HSM website.

Rolls-Royce tests a jet engine running on hydrogen

Jet engineIn a windswept corner of a military site on Salisbury Plain a small aircraft jet engine is undergoing tests that could one day lead to huge changes within the aviation industry.

The engine itself is almost completely conventional. It is a Rolls-Royce AE-2100A gas turbine, a design used widely on regional aeroplanes around the world.

What is wholly unusual about it is the fuel being used. This is the first time a modern aircraft engine has ever been run on hydrogen.

Devoid of bodywork, with its intricate wiring and pipework exposed, it sits securely fastened to a sturdy test rig, while engineers cluster around an array of screens in the control room, a safe distance away.

The tests are being carried out by Rolls-Royce, after development work in Derby and in partnership with the airline easyJet.

Read more about the tests on the BBC website.

Cardiff Winter Wonderland ride passenger taken to hospital

Christmas marketTwo people were injured on a ride at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland with one taken to hospital.

An ambulance was called at about 17:15 GMT on Saturday after an incident on the Ice Skater ride. The Welsh Ambulance Service said that two people were injured, with one taken to the University Hospital of Wales.

The ride would remain closed while an investigation into the incident took place, Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland said.

In a statement it said: “We are aware of an incident that occurred on the ‘Ice Skater’ ride at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland on the evening of Saturday 26th November.”

Cardiff Council said: “We are aware of the incident which occurred at Winter Wonderland on Saturday evening and will be supporting any investigations that will be undertaken in due course.”

Visit the SHP website to learn more.

Driver wellbeing vital for road safety

Driver with hands on wheelWith professional drivers under pressure during the Black Friday to Christmas peak, driver training specialist, Drivetech, part of the AA, is urging businesses and operators to pay particular attention to the mental health and wellbeing of their drivers over this busy time.

About 30% of all miles driven on UK’s roads are by at-work vehicles, which is why the transport sector in particular is one of the most heavily regulated industries. With ever-increasing demands on driver time, mental health and wellbeing increasingly play a vital role in professional driver behaviour.

According to the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) almost one in ten bus driver positions are vacant in the UK, driving the drop in the number of services, and prompting calls to improve pay and conditions. Often professional drivers are subject to low pay, long hours and shift patterns that disrupt sleep and can potentially lead to exhaustion.

Similarly, lorry driving presents unique challenges to both HGV drivers and other road users. They are larger and offer less manoeuvrability, experience bigger blind spots and can also carry dangerous or hazardous loads, making driving safely even more stressful.

For more, visit the HSM website.

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