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Trooping the Colour: Family left ‘shaken up’ after seeing part of stand collapse at Trooping the Colour rehearsal

Royal guard marching bandWitnesses have shared their shock at seeing part of a stand collapse during a rehearsal for Trooping the Colour, which left five people injured.

Two of the five injured were taken to hospital following the incident at Horse Guards Road in central London on Saturday.

Crowds were watching the rehearsal, ahead of the full event on 2 June for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, when suddenly one stand gave way just before 11am and part of a second stand collapsed shortly afterwards.

Kyle Skeen and his wife Jen were in the audience with their three young children when they saw the stand collapse just a few rows in front of them.

They also shared pictures of a gap in the floor due to the stand breaking, before the crowds were then evacuated and paramedics arrived.

Read more about the accident on the Sky News website.

Tokyo manifesto signals new dawn for worker well-being

View of tokyoIt was fitting that the launch of a global manifesto marking the dawn of a new era in occupational safety and health (OSH) should emerge from a summit staged by the land of the rising sun.

Vision Zero Summit Japan 2022, a virtual conference organised by the Global Coalition for Safety and Health at Work and live-streamed from Tokyo from 11-13 May 2022 to all regions of the world, secured Vision Zero’s standing as a powerful management mind-set, a holistic prevention strategy and enabler of a business culture where people come first.

And the summit, attended by leading multilateral, regional, national and corporate players from across the world, used its focus on redefining safety, health and well-being for a new global age, one that’s marked by a growing need to build multi-stakeholder alliances, to launch a new OSH manifesto – the “Tokyo Declaration on Vision Zero for All”.

IOSH Head of Strategic Engagement and Global Coalition member Alan Stevens, who chaired four panel sessions at the summit under the broad heading of “Future business leaders: achieving healthier performance and productivity”, believes the Declaration, which was signed by IOSH Chief Executive Vanessa Harwood-Whitcher, will take the Vision Zero message to a whole new level, establishing a document that’s shared by numerous top international OSH-organisations, as well as many key national institutions.

Read more about the manifesto on the SHP website.

RAIB to investigate overspeeding incident at Peterborough station

Train stationThe Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) is investigating an incident involving a train passing over three sets of points at the north end of Peterborough station at a speed of 75mph (121km/h).

This was above the maximum permitted speed limit for these points of 25 mph (40 km/h). Passing over the points at this speed meant that the train suddenly lurched sideways. 

The sudden movement of the train resulted in some passengers being thrown from their seats and in luggage falling from the overhead storage in the passenger compartments. This resulted in a number of minor injuries being sustained by passengers. The train subsequently came to a stand beyond the far end of Peterborough station. The train did not derail during the incident, and no damage was caused to the infrastructure of the railway, or to the vehicles involved.

The train involved in the incident was not due to call at Peterborough and had originally been approaching the station on a fast line, before being routed onto a slower line via the points where the overspeed occurred. The route onto this slower line was being displayed on the signal situated on the approach to the points. 

For more on the incident, visit the SHP website.

UK ‘living crisis’ hits workplaces

Man sitting at a laptop at home looking stressedA third of white-collar professionals have stated that they are ‘very likely’ to leave their job in the coming months, unless more understanding and assistance is directed toward personal matters which impact their work.

According to research carried out by global recruiter Robert Walters, there are three major ‘living crisis’ that will further drive The Great Reshuffle which companies need to be tuned into in order to attract & retain talent:

  1. Rising Cost of Living
  2. Post-pandemic Mental Health ‘timebomb’
  3. Purpose before Profession

Toby Fowlston, CEO of Robert Walters comments, “Just because hybrid and remote working has become more prevalent it doesn’t mean that the role of the workplace isn’t needed just as much. Over the course of our lifetime, we would have spent a third of our time at work – and so employers really do have a role to play in ensuring the wellbeing of their staff.

“Companies need to be more in tune with the issues impacting their employees if they want to avoid ‘The Great Reshuffle.’

“The crucial act here is for employers to listen and play an active role in alleviating some of the personal issues in employees lives before they reach that irreversible ‘crisis’ point.”

Read more on the HSM website.

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