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Ambulance crews urge drivers to respect the Red X

Aerial view of an ambulance on a motorway at nightNational Highways and ambulance crews ask drivers to respect the Red X and give them the space they need to reach incidents and treat casualties.

Ambulances on a blue light run need to get to their patients as quickly as possible without the fear of encountering motorists who obstruct their route, delaying crucial time to life-threatening incidents.

Using Red X signals, National Highways can close lanes to allow ambulance crews and other emergency services to have a clear route. Traffic officers can also close lanes to provide ambulance crews with a safe working environment while they are on scene dealing with casualties and saving lives.

National Highways has joined forces with ambulance chiefs to raise awareness of why it is so important to comply with a Red X.

Read more on the SHP website.

Oldham café owner fined for using neighbour’s bins

Row of different coloured waste binsA café owner who dumped his rubbish into other people’s bins has been ordered to pay out more than £4,000.

David Herbert, who runs Arizona Café in Oldham, sneaked the waste in his next-door neighbour’s bins. The council found he had not paid to have his own rubbish collected and neighbours also complained. The 56-year-old was arrested after failing to appear at court and has now been fined £1,200 and ordered to pay £2,960 costs.

A judge warned him he could be jailed for 45 days if he did not pay up. Herbert admitted one count of failure to comply with requirements regarding the making, retainment or furnishing of documents at Manchester Crown Court.

Businesses are required to pay for waste collection and by law must be able to produce documents detailing their contract when asked.

Enforcement officers from Oldham Council visited the café but Herbert did not have the paperwork and was first issued with a fixed penalty notice of £300.

Learn more about the case on the BBC website.

COVID-19 testing for staff after international travel

Covid tester processing a saliva sampleGovernment guidance sets out the steps employers must take to help their staff get tested for COVID-19 if they regularly travel across UK borders.

It has been updated to reflect latest testing rules.

Employees that are not fully vaccinated must understand that if they are travelling for work, on their arrival in England they will need to follow the appropriate testing regime for their job role.

If employees are fully vaccinated, they will not need to take a COVID-19 test before they travel to England or after they arrive.

Read the updated guidance on the SHP website.

Grantham man sentenced for storing asbestos near school

Wall with 'caution asbestos' signA man has been given a suspended prison sentence after he removed asbestos without a permit and illegally stored it near a Lincolnshire school.

Lee Charles, from Grantham, lied to his customers about having a licence to remove asbestos before dumping it in containers at a Welbourn storage site. The asbestos was discovered when the containers were opened after Charles failed to pay the storage firm’s rent.

He was handed a 12-month suspended jail sentence at Lincoln Crown Court.

Charles had told staff at the storage site that it was just his tools in the containers, according to the Environment Agency (EA). The containers were located just 650ft (200m) from a school and close to a Girl Guides centre, the EA said.

For more, visit the BBC website.

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