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Bank warning: HSBC alerts customers to convincing email fraud – ‘Real or scam?’

Bank cards in a walletHSBC is warning its customers of the dangers posed by the latest example of convincing email fraud.

Referred to as phishing, fraudsters target innocent members of the public by posing as respected organisations, such as banks, to convince them to part with their money. Those who are faced with these scams are often asked to part with their personal and financial information. Thanks to social media, anyone targeted by these fraudsters is able to reach out to organisations who are supposedly reaching out to them to see if they are being scammed.

One of the many regarded institutions fraudsters tend to pose as is HSBC, with many of the bank’s customers being contacted by email scams.

Read more on the Express website.

New research highlights worker health and wellbeing concerns caused by COVID-19

Two people working in an office wearing face masksToo many digital meetings, increasing workload and a lack of social connection with colleagues have all enhanced the risk of health and wellbeing problems for remote workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, new research reveals.

However, it is not all doom and gloom as employees have reported that the greater flexibility offered by homeworking has created more opportunities for recreational activities.

These were some of the outcomes from a study of five organisations during the pandemic, the findings of which are in a new report, Learning from the COVID-19 pandemic: approaches to support employee health and wellbeing, published today by IOSH.

The researchers aimed to understand the impact of the pandemic on employees, managers and organisations, look at how employers could support workers’ health and wellbeing and identify barriers and facilitators to this.

For more on the research, visit the IOSH website.

Operator of UK’s largest oil refinery fined £500,000 following liquid petroleum gas leak

Gas refinery pipesThe operator of the UK’s largest oil refinery has been fined for health and safety breaches after a leak of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) was discovered by a worker cycling home at the end of their shift.

There was an uncontrolled release of around 15 tonnes of LPG through a valve near to the main roadway used by LPG road tankers visiting Esso Petroleum Company’s refinery in Fawley, Hampshire, on 15 November 2015, Southampton Magistrates’ Court was told.

The leak went undetected for around four hours before being discovered by an employee on his way home. It took a further hour to establish the source of the leak with on-site emergency personnel having to enter the area to reset the valve.

The HSE’s investigation found that the leak occurred because LPG was put through the pipe work at too a high a pressure for the valve, there was no process in place to detect the discrepancy in the flow in the pipe and that the company had failed to take all measures necessary to prevent a major accident.

Find out more on the SHP website.

HSE publishes annual work-related ill-health, injury and enforcement statistics for 2020/21

Statistics on paperToday, Thursday 16 December 2021, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published statistics that cover work-related ill health, non-fatal workplace injuries and enforcement action taken by HSE, in the 2020/21 period.

  • 1.7 million workers suffering from a work-related illness, around half of which were stress, depression or anxiety

Two new estimates have been developed to measure the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic;

  • 93,000 workers self-reported catching COVID-19 at work; 52,000 of these worked in the human health and social work sector
  • 645,000 workers reported that their work-related illness was caused or made worse by the coronavirus pandemic; 70 per cent of these were cases of stress, depression or anxiety.

The pandemic has affected certain data collection and impacted on assessment of trends, therefore there is no new data on working days lost and the associated economic cost for 2021.

It is not known whether some of the people reporting a coronavirus-related ill health condition would have developed and reported an ill health condition if pre-pandemic working practices had continued. It is therefore not possible to assess the scale of work-related ill health independent of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Read more about the statistics on the HSE website.

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