Mental Health Matters: The Power Of Small

A yellow speech bubble with the words 'The Power of Small' against a purple background and next to a small image of a phone. Underneath in yellow text is "A small conversation about mental health has the power to make a big difference' and white text reading '#TimeToTalk'. There is also the Time to Talk Day logo in the top right.Thursday 4th February 2021 is Time to Talk Day. This campaign is run by Time to Change and its aim is to start conversations about mental health and help end the stigma. The theme this year is ‘The Power of Small’; a small conversation about mental health has the power to make a big difference.

The Importance of Talking About Mental Health

The coronavirus pandemic means that more and more people are spending time alone, whether that be through remote working, or just not being able to partake in their normal social interactions.

With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem in any given year, talking about mental health has never been so important. Common mental health conditions include Anxiety and Depression:

  • Anxiety is a normal emotion that we all experience. You might think of anxiety as feeling stressed, tense, worried, uneasy or scared. Most of the time these emotions are not a problem, but they can become overwhelming and affect what we do day-to-day.
  • Depression is when someone experiences a low mood that lasts for a long time and affects their everyday life.

A small conversation has the chance to make a big difference.

Looking Out For a Friend

Opening up about Mental Health is not always easy but doing small things can make a big difference to a friend who is struggling with life. The simple act of letting a person know you are thinking of them can make a huge impact, if your mate is s hard to reach it could be a sign they are not well, so stay in touch.

Life’s pressures and a Mental Health problem can all too easily become too much for someone, and they may neglect to look after their body or appearance, maybe they are not eating well or just not keeping up with their personal hygiene. Ask them how they are doing listen to them and don’t judge, if it feels right, ask if there is anything you can help with. Your attitude can make a difference.

A quote that reads "Make time to talk, your small action can make a huge difference." with multi-coloured hearts and a blue and white speckled background..Top Tips For Checking In

  • Make time to talk.
  • Arrange a time, away from work or family commitments where you can talk and listen with no additional pressures.

Your mate may appear distracted or absent,

  • It could be nothing, but there may be more serious things on their mind.
  • Don’t take offence.
  • Don’t change how you are around them.
  • Be patient, they may need that friend more than ever.


Whatever you decide to do today, make time to talk, your small action can make a huge difference.


If you would like to learn about managing your own mental health or supporting others, check out our range of wellbeing online training courses! These include our Mental Health Awareness and Mindfulness training courses.