What To Expect From WA Management During the Covid-19 Pandemic

As you know, the current guidance from the government has advised home working and social distancing where possible.

We just want you to know WA Management continues to operate as normal and therefore still able to meet our customer’s requirements in terms of Health, Safety and Management System support. By doing this we will be undertaking the below actions to enhance our service at this time of reduced social interaction:

  1. We will still carry out health and safety visits as needed. Your consultant will be in touch with you prior to arriving on any sites to confirm you are still operational and would still like a visit. We understand that while factories/construction sites & Offices are still working, H&S advice and support is still needed so we will maintain the same levels as before. Given the circumstances, we may not be as able to linger for a general catch up as much, but we will still help to ensure all our customers get the best support we can give.
  2. We are investigating moving all internal and external management systems audits remotely through online solutions such as Microsoft Teams or similar. This is an ongoing development and one you will be communicated with throughout the process. Of course not all audits will be able to move online, but where it is suitable it will be encouraged in line with good practice.
  3. We will continue to monitor the situation with regards COVID-19 and provide regular proactive updates as well as the usual H&S, Quality, Environmental and Information Security information communicated regularly.
  4. Our office and consultants when not with customers will be working from home; however, we have access to everything we would normally have whilst in the office and you can still phone our main office number, phone your consultants mobiles, or email anyone in the company as you normally would; we will be operating as normal.

We will continue to monitor the situation and to send out updates to all of our customers via newsletters and social media, so please make sure you are signed up and you approve the newsletters should they come through to your junk folders.

If you are not receiving our newsletter please let us know HERE and we can manually sign you up or click HERE to sign up via our website. Our social media platforms are linked below.

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If you need any more information, or need any more support in dealing with the outbreak in your business, please let us know, and please circulate this to all in your business who need it. We are here to help!

Government suggestions and regulations are changing rapidly. We will be updating this in line with changes however you can stay up to date by following the dedicated Government and NHS webpages:

Government: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public

NHS: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/