Week commencing 15th July – In the News

Train company fined £1m after passenger death

In the biggest Health and Safety story of the week, Govia Thameslink have been fined £1m after a passenger was killed on the Gatwick Express in August 2016. The victim leant out of a train window and was struck by a trackside steel gantry. An extensive HSE investigation uncovered that, whilst warnings were present, they were insufficiently visible. The accident was concluded to be a ‘tragic corporate blind spot’.

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Company fined for exposing employees to dangerous respirable substance

This week, a landscaping contractor was fined by the HSE after it emerged that it had not done enough to protect employees from Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS), which is released when silica-containing materials are cut with power tools. The company had not provided employees with any form of Respiratory Protective Equipment, which put them at significant risk.

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Importance of safe lifting highlighted after accident

A staircase manufacturer has been reminded of the importance of safe lifting practices by the HSE after an unsafe lifting incident caused an employee to become trapped. The London-based company had been installing a 1.7 tonne section of staircase when a fabric sling supporting it failed, causing injuries which result in the amputation of the victim’s leg below the groin.

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£500,000 fine for maintenance company

On Thursday, we reported on a fine, issued by the HSE, to a contractor after an employee sustained major injuries in a fall. The victim in question was not given a safety briefing prior to commencing work at height on an active railway bridge, and thus was not aware of the significant risks that were present. The Office of Rail and Road equally stated how easy the incident could have been avoided.

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Ladder safety specialist responds to prosecution

On Friday, height safety specialists The Ladder Association responded to the above prosecution, and rightly asserted how effective training strategies should be a number one priority for companies undertaking work at height. Concurring with the Office of Rail and Road, the Ladder Association stated that training can both teach people when ladders are an appropriate solution and how to use them.

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