Week commencing 8th July – In the News

WA Management release latest Research Blog

To coincide with the Hazard of the Month for July, WA Management released their newest Research Blog, entitled: ‘Dust – the danger lurking in the air’. The blog takes an informative look into the hazards associated with dust, and how the risks to health can be drastically reduced through simple mitigation strategies. For those working in the Health and Safety sector, the blog is a MUST-READ.

Take a look at it HERE

Fine issued after worker overcome by fumes

On Monday, we reported on the story that a construction company had been fined after an employee was overcome by fumes and lost consciousness. A subsequent HSE investigation found that the worker had been undertaking work with a petrol driven floor saw but had been doing so in a tightly enclosed space. The investigation concluded that employees had not been made sufficiently aware of the need for ventilation.

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How can we keep construction workers safe this summer?

As the UK continues to bask in another glorious summer, questions have rightly been asked by Health and Safety experts about how employers can protect their workers from the dangers of excess heat and UV exposure. Alarmingly, a recent survey found that only 1 in 4 construction workers regularly used sunscreen as a form of protection. Check out our handy graphic here.

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One hospitalised after ‘chemical incident’ at Jaguar Land-Rover

This week, we also reported on a ‘chemical incident’, which occurred at Jaguar Land-Rover’s Solihull site and left one hospitalised. The incident was reportedly caused by the routine application of floor sealant. 30 people we stated to have sustained very minor symptoms, ranging from itchy eyes to headaches, whilst one employee was hospitalised as a precaution. The company later said that work had returned to ‘business as usual’.

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Company fined after worker crushed by freight container

On Friday, we reported on an £82,000 fine issued by the HSE to a cargo management company after an investigation uncovered that a worker narrowly escaped fatal injuries from falling freight container. Airworld Airlines LTD was found to have no safe system of work in place to mitigate the risks of lifting heavy freight, nor did it have any stabilisation mechanisms in place on its machinery.

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