Week commencing 27th May – In the News

Plastering contractor fined after fall

      On Monday, we reported on a fine issued by the HSE to a Cambridge-based plastering contractor after an employee was injured in a fall. The investigation uncovered that there had been insufficient safety measures in place to mitigate the risk of the fall. All throughout May, we have been taking a look at the various risks associated with Work at Height, click HERE to read our comprehensive research blog on the hazard.

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‘Protection better than cure’ leading height safety specialists argues

    Earlier this week, we drew attention to an informative article, published in SHPOnline and written by OnSite Support Ltd. The article discussed the key ways in which the dangers of tools falling from height can be mitigated. The article advocated the use of tethers, nets and exclusion zones to ensure that tools cannot fall onto employees below. The article also strongly advocated good channels of communication, so all workers are aware of the strategies designed to keep them safe.

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Care home fined after resident’s death

    A care home operator has been fined over £270,000 by the HSE after a vulnerable resident was given access to chlorine tablets, which, when he ingested, directly caused his death. The patient, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, mistook the tablets for his usual medication, accessing an unattended and unsealed box of the tablets. The HSE, speaking after the investigation, reiterated the responsibility of care homes to look after vulnerable patients.

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Recycling and waste management company fined

  On Thursday, we reported on the life-altering injuries sustained by an employee of Viridor limited. The employee was attempting to fix a defective hydraulic cutter and placed his hand in the machine. The HSE uncovered that the protocols had not been clearly conveyed to the employee, who was consequently unsure what to do after having reported the defect. The company responsible was fined £133,000.

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Football club fined after volunteer’s death

    On Friday, SHPOnline reported on a fine which had been issued to St Alban’s football club after a volunteer was fatally injured in a fall. The HSE investigation uncovered that the volunteer had been given the keys to the premises, giving him unauthorised and uncontrolled access to the entire ground. Consequently, the volunteer undertook repairs in an unsafe manner, and fell through a fragile roof onto the terrace below.

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