Week commencing 20th May – In the News

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How can risk be reduced in forklift operations?

This week, forklift training specialists Mentor spoke to SHPOnline about the simple and effective ways in which risk can mitigate in forklift operations. This comes after a spate of forklift-related injuries across 2019. Mentor highlight 7 keys steps that can be implemented to safeguard forklift operators and pedestrians alike. These range from safe dismounting techniques to awareness when using control.

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Self-employed worker killed after fall

   Throughout May, we have been taking a look at the hazards associated with ‘Working at Height’. This week, we reported on the tragic death of a self-employed contractor, who was fatally injured after he fell through the fragile roof of a milking shed. A subsequent enquiry by the HSE uncovered that the owner of the shed had not put in place any safeguarding measures to prevent the fall or limit the injuries.

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Fine after cladder fell 10m onto factory floor

              Similarly, a Yorkshire-based main contractor has been fined after an HSE investigation uncovered that it had not done enough to prevent a worker from falling 10m in January 2016. Whilst tying cappings to the roof, the victim fell through a fragile roof light onto an active factory floor below, suffering fractures to his pelvis and femur. The principal HSE inspector reiterated the danger of Work at Height, and the simple prevention strategies that can be implemented.

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Fairground ride inspector sentenced

       This week, a fairground ride inspector was fined after he mistakenly issued a safety certificate on a ride which later derailed and crashed. The inspector provided a Declaration of Compliance for the Tsunami ride, operated by M&D Leisure, which crashed in June 2016. The crash caused serious injuries to those on board. The HSE found that the ride had been allowed to operate in unsafe conditions.

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