Week commencing 25th February – In the News

Forklift Safety – How to keep pedestrians safe

On Monday, we highlighted an extremely informative article from SHPOnline about the challenges facing companies using forklift trucks around pedestrians. Indeed, a recent analysis of RIDDOR reports stated that 3 quarters of forklift truck incidents which involved ‘impact with a third person’ were due to unrelated pedestrians. The article sensibly outlined how good communication, signage and traffic management strategies could limit injuries.

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What are the most common accidents in hospitality?

On Tuesday, a fascinating article interrogated the causes and consequences of some of the most common Health and Safety incidents that befall the hospitality sector, asking: what can be done to mitigate their risks? The article looked at Slips, Trips and Falls, as well as handling heavy objects and falls from height. Make sure you give the article a read to refresh your knowledge on some of these key safety challenges.

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New study shows heightened stress levels amongst teachers

A worrying new study on Wednesday highlighted that 1 in 5 teachers feel stressed about their joball of the time’. This indicated levels of stress and job dissatisfaction higher than many other sectors. The same report uncovered that teachers are worried about the lack of Mental Health support that they receive, with many citing an inability to speak up about their personal problems as a key issue.

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Civil engineering contractor hit with big fine

This week, a civil engineering contractor has been hit with a fine in excess of £600,000 after an employee was fatally injured. The contractor, part of Balfour Beatty Group Employment Ltd, was sadly struck by the body of a wheeled excavator, which was slewing after a refulling stop. The HSE investigation suggested that a lack of ‘safe systems of work’ was largely responsible for the employee’s death.

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Software CEO speaks to SHPOnline about online strategies

Matthew Elson, of SHE Software, this week spoke to SHPOnline about the need to implement effective software strategies to fully engage with Health and Safety. Elson suggested that technology could be an effective means by which a company could ‘speak the language’ of the customer, and fully understand their needs. In a modern, interconnected world, this seems ever more pertinent.

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