Week commencing 11th February – In the News

Government reveals new standards symbol for ‘No-Deal’ Brexit eventuality

As the political furore surrounding Brexit continues to occupy much of current news, preparations in the Health and Safety sector have been laid down. In the eventuality of a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit, the government has outlined a new symbol to indicate and uphold safety standards on machinery and electrical equipment. The new UKCA mark would replace the current CE symbol. The British Standards Institute commended the guidance.

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Injuries at food plant lead to heavy fines

Earlier this week, SHPOnline reported on how a food manufacturer had been fined in excess of £200,000 for Health and Safety breaches. An extensive HSE investigation uncovered two separate incidents at the Norfolk based plant, and specifically highlighted the lack of isolation procedures as a leading cause of the injuries. If you have any concerns about machine safety or employee training, give WA Management a ring HERE

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Thames Water unveils new Mental Health initiative

Earlier this week, utilities giant Thames Water outlined an extensive new initiative to encourage open, frank conversations about employee Mental Health. The #TimeToTalk campaign was designed to increase general understanding and compassion for Mental Health, and to ensure that employees treat it with the same importance as Physical Health. Read the original report HERE.


Tougher Safety standards for taxi drivers

This week, the Department for Transport outlined sweeping new regulatory changes to bring taxi safety ‘into the modern age’. The changes, set out by Minister for Taxis Nusrat Ghani, have been designed to protect passengers and to ensure that licensing laws are rigorous and effective. The proposed new guidelines were welcomed as a step towards greater regulatory transparency.

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Urgent new HSE changes on mild steel welding fume

This week, the HSE issued immediately-implementable advice on mild steel welding fume, after studies suggested that it should be reclassified as a human carcinogen. The new guidelines stated that implementing effective Local Area Ventilation (LEV) would be fundamentally important to protecting employee Health and Safety. The study highlighted links between exposure to welding fume and increased risk of kidney and lung cancer.


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