Week Commencing 4th February – In the News

EDF fined after incident at Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant

On Monday, we reported that EDF Nuclear Generation Ltd, in conjunction with another company, was fined in excess of £200,000 after an employee fell through an insufficiently guarded skylight. SHPOnline reported on the ensuing HSE investigation, which outlined how the suffered received ‘life-changing’ injuries. The Office for Nuclear Regulation outlined the changes that needed to be made. Read more on the story HERE


Breakthrough’ for workers rights in Gig Economy

On Tuesday, it was reported that leading UK courier service Hermes was unveiling a new deal to protect its employees across the country. The company outlined plans to ensure guaranteed payments, holiday allowance and rest breaks – basic provisions often overlooked in a ‘Gig economy’ which relies on self-employed workers. The improvements were met with resounding approval by unions, which called the result ‘ground-breaking’.

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Construction firm fined £600k for wrongful death

A London-based building firm has this week been at the centre of an HSE investigation after it was uncovered that unsafe work practices led to the death of a 55-year-old employee. The victim was sadly crushed under a dumper truck whilst spraying markings. The investigation found specifically that not enough had been done to mitigate the poor visibility of the dumper truck, resulting in the accident. If you have any concerns about vehicle safety, contact WA Management HERE

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Company director sentenced after death of nephew

This week, a roofing company and its director was fined heavily after an HSE investigation outlined how a series of safety breaches led to the death of a worker. The employee in question was working at height without the sufficient supporting scaffold and fell to his death. The investigation also outlined the neglect of the company director in failing to prepare for such an accident. Read more on the tragic case HERE


Müller leads the way in innovating Health and Safety through manufacturing

This week, SHPOnline spoke to the Head of Health and Safety at Müller to elucidate some of the core strategies that can be implemented to protect workers. The dairy manufacturer set a benchmark upon which to consistently improve through new and innovative means. These included a ‘don’t gamble with safety’ campaign which sought to starkly outline the possible consequences of neglecting Health and Safety.

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