Week commencing 28th January – In the News

£1m fine after failings led to worker’s death

Earlier this week, SHPOnline reported that waste collection service Veolia had been fined in excess of £1 million after a worker was struck and killed by a reversing vehicle. The subsequent HSE investigation revealed that there had been insufficient understanding of the risks associated with reversing vehicles. If you have any concerns about vehicle safety, contact WA Management free today for a consultation HERE.

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Safety firm calls for greater clarity in PPE purchasing

Renowned safety specialists ARCO, this week, called for far greater clarity and standardisation in PPE. Referring specifically to eyewear, ARCO highlighted that many workers are purchasing safety equipment without the necessary advice from industry specialists, meaning many are not receiving the protection they need. Read more on the fascinating article HERE


Workers at clothes brand to take part in new trial

Earlier this week, it was reported that workers at a Levi Strauss Jeans factory were to take part in a new ‘blockchain system’ designed to track employee wellbeing and productivity. The aim of the trial was to try out new ways to anonymously monitor worker health via a digitally-secure system. Great advancements in health and safety, or another form of micromanaging? Head to our Social Media accounts now to voice your opinion

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Businesses told to prepare for imminent ‘Cold Snap’

This week, the Met Office issued severe weather advice and amber snow warnings for the weekend, telling businesses to prepare for record levels of snow. Further advice was issued to employers, informing them to be more lenient with workers and to always prioritise their Health and Safety. Clear Safety policies in such events were seen as an effective way to keep the workforce safe.

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Builder found guilty of endangering family

Earlier this week, a HSE investigation concluded that an Essex-based building firm had put a family at risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning due to poor workmanship and failure to adhere to Health and Safety protocols. In order to reduce costs, the building firm did not carry out the movement of a gas flue prior to building an extension, resulting in the release of toxic gases into living areas.

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