Week commencing 14th January 2019 – In the News

Key council expands and diversifies its leadership team

On Monday, the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) revealed the results and key new appointments from elections. A multitude of experts across many sectors were successful in securing new positions within the expanding team. Outgoing president of the Institute outlined his happiness in seeing the leadership team diversify and expand, which will enable further developments in the world of Health and Safety.

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50,000 days lost due to stress, NHS Trust uncovers

On Tuesday, a worrying statistic emerged regarding stress levels in paramedics, and the influence this had on lost work days. Indeed, the full report indicated how 1 in 5 (20.8%) of lost working days across all ambulance trusts was due to stress-related illness, amounting to 50,031 days overall. This comes in conjunction with WA Management’s January ‘Hazard of the Month’, Mental Illness, in which we look at the root causes and consequences of stress.

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Can singing improve your stress levels at work?

Speaking of stress, a new study published by academics at the University of Leicester looked to interrogate the relationship between singing in the workplace, and reductions in stress levels. Joanna Foster, a researcher for the study, 96% of workers saw at least some reduction in levels of stress in workplace, indicating the potential need to follow the topic further. What are you thoughts? Head to our Twitter HERE to share your ideas.

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Catalogue of errors responsible for death of 5-year-old

A HSE investigation into the death of a 5-year-old girl, who died after becoming trapped in the moving parts of an elevator, uncovered a catalogue of errors by three companies. Bournemouth Crown Court also found that the company subcontracted to maintain the elevator had been negligent and had not put in place sufficient means by which to mitigate the associated risks.

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Construction industry gives £1.25m to helper fellow workers

On Friday, SHPOnline reported the successes of Lighthouse Construction Industry Helpline, who received a total of 1,662 callouts for the duration of 2018. Concerns ranged from Mental Health worries, tax and debt management, as well as other financial issues. In total, the charity was able to provide £1.25m in economic support to those most vulnerable, a massive 75% increase from the year prior.

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