Week commencing Monday 7th January 2019 – In the News

Director jailed for illegal sales of chemicals

  On Monday, we reported that the director of a chemical manufacturing and processing plant had been jailed for 10 months following an extensive HSE investigation. The investigation revealed found that the company was selling two prohibited chemical substances: Sodium Chlorate and Dichloromethane. The HSE outlined the ‘robust action’ they are willing to take to put an end to illegal activities.

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Workplace fatalities hit a record low in Ireland for 2018

Fantastic news from Ireland was reported on Tuesday stating that workplace fatalities hit a record low in the year 2018, with a 23% decline in fatalities from the year prior. The figures, however, still showed a disproportionate number of deaths in agricultural activities, and Health and Safety specialists stated their desire to avoid complacency in the field. Regardless, the good news is testament to the hard work of employees and employers alike. Follow the story HERE and make sure you check out our handy summarising graphics.

Second fall from height in as many weeks at Canary Wharf

Earlier this week, we reported the sad news that a second individual had fallen to their death whilst working at Canary Wharf. Details remain murky as to what exactly took place, however we can report that emergency services pronounced the man, aged in his 50s, dead at the scene. This comes only several days after a 32-year old man fell to his death at Canary Wharf Tube Station.

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Intrinsic link between effective communication and employee awareness

    This week, Specsavers Corporate Eyecare outlined strategies designed to increase employee engagement with safety policies. The report highlighted the opportunities for communication in a technological-enabled workplace, reporting that only 43% of employers utilise the internet in some capacity to convey ideas. What are your thoughts on the matter? Head to our social media accounts TODAY to share them.

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Safety specialists Bull outline strategies to mitigate construction site fires

  Finally, on Friday, renowned Health and Safety specialists Bull published advice on how to detect and minimise the risk of fires on a construction site. This included having effective alarm and warning systems, the clear conveyance of strategies and the regular updating of Risk Assessments. Contact WA Management HERE if you have any Risk Assessment or fire safety concerns.

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