Week Commencing 10th December 2018 – In the News

Fine for company after safety breaches resulted in fatality

A Leicestershire-based plastics processing firm has been fined in excess of £290,000 after a HSE investigation uncovered that an employee fatality was due to safety breeches. The victim sustained severe injuries when a casting rod was ejected from a casting machine at 81mph. The investigation suggested that the rod should have been depressurised prior to removal, and consequently that the fatality was preventable.

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Asbestos management company fined after failing to identify risk

A Northern-Ireland asbestos management firm has been prosecuted after it undertook illegal refurbishment without sufficiently identifying asbestos. A HSE investigation found out that the surveyor ordered the construction go-ahead before samples had even been returned. If you have any concerns about identifying asbestos, and the best course of action to take if you do, make sure you contact WA Management today HERE.

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Is increasing driver awareness the key to driver safety?

This week, SHPOnline spoke to Giles Kirkland, an automotive expert, on strategies that could be implemented to increase general driver safety. Kirkland highlighted that a high proportion of fatal accidents are at least ‘partially caused’ by driver distraction, such as mobile phones, music and GPS direction systems. The article went on to outline ways in which the risk of driver distraction can be mitigated. SHARE your thoughts with us on twitter HERE.

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Essex local authority fined after a member of public contracted Legionnaires’ disease

Tendring district council has been fined heavily after a member of public contracted the potentially-fatal bacterial infection Legionnaires’ disease. Water samples taken at a council-run leisure facility tested positive for the bacterium, which multiplies rapidly in poorly maintained pipes and showers, and can cause sepsis and kidney failure. The HSE concluded that there had been a series of failings which ‘could have easily’ led to a fatality.

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How to survive the festive party season

On Thursday, SHPonline spoke to industry wellbeing expert Marcus de Guingand on the importance of maintaining a good sleep pattern over Christmas, and it’s relationship with employee productivity. The article discusses strategies to ensure that alcohol does not get the better of you, and how enjoy yourself responsibly. By balancing and pacing ourselves, we can ensure that we feel and work better in the long run.

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