Week commencing 26th November 2018 – In the News

Driver fell to his death after entering construction site

On Monday, it was reported by the HSE that a chauffeur (who was uninvolved with building company) fell to his death though a basement void after entering a poorly fenced off construction site. As a consequence, SM Builder Expert Ltd was fined in excess of £5,000 for contravening Health and Safety Regulations.

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Driverless Cars on the roads of the UK by CHRISTMAS

A report on Tuesday Afternoon outlined plans by a road mapping company, Oxbotica, to begin a pilot scheme for the feasibility of Driverless Cars on the roads of the UK. The scheme will test unmanned, autonomous vehicles on the roads of Oxford and London from December to Easter 2019. What are your thoughts on the matter? Head to our social media accounts to share your views.

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£2.3m fine for bud company three years after fatal crash

On Wednesday, Midland Red (South) Ltd, an ancillary of Stagecoach Bus Group, was fined over £2.3m for missing key opportunities to prevent a crash in Coventry in 2015, which killed several. The presiding judge outlined how ‘the failings [of the company] were a significant cause’ of the charity, after the driver was not reported for his previous erratic driving.

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Diver’s finger severed in underwater accident

On Thursday, an underwater engineering company was prosecuted for unsafe work practises, after an employed diver sustained a severed finger. The worker’s finger became entrapped whilst undertaking routine underwater maintenance. However, a HSE investigation uncovered that a risk mitigation and preparation strategy had not been fully implemented.

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New technologies to overcome challenges of Lone Working

This week, a risk mitigation company, Safe Shores Monitoring, unveiled their new companion app to supplement their response centre. Earlier this year, we wrote on how the company was utilising pioneering technologies to mitigate the risks of an often overlooked sector of Health and Safety.

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