Week commencing 19th November 2018 – In the News

Two companies fined after worker sustained severe head injuries

Early this week, Liverpool Magistrates Court, together with a HSE Investigation, uncovered how unsafe practices led to the severe injury to an employee of a contractor. The companies involved had been commissioned to work on a warehouse racking system, but failed to implement any safety systems to mitigate risk, such as arrest barriers or harnesses. An employee consequently fell 10m from shelving and sustained serious head injuries.


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Workers injured in incident at EDF Nuclear power plant

  On Monday, three workers at the Heysham 1 Nuclear Power Plant, run by EDF Energy, were hospitalised after a ‘serious’ Health and Safety incident. The incident was not nuclear-related, but rather a ‘steam release’ blast which caused severe burns to one employee, and fractures to two more. Emergency services and Health and Safety personnel were quick to reassure the public that there was no wider danger.

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Dyeing company sentenced after TWO SEPARATE Health and Safety incidents

    A Yorkshire dyeing firm has been fined heavily after the HSE uncovered two unconnected safety incidents both resulted in severe injury to employees. The accidents, only 6 months apart in mid-2014 and early-2015, caused burns and fractures to workers. If you have any concerns over safe practices, and accident reporting, make sure you contact WA Management today.

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Flying High: ISO unveils new safety standards for drones

This week, the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) released plans to implement a new set of safety standards on drones. The regulations will cover everything from training and maintenance, to safe flying and no-fly zones. The standards were widely applauded as an attempt to mitigate the risks of a dynamic, and rapidly evolving sector. What are your thoughts on the matter? Head to our social media accounts TODAY to share your ideas on drones in the workplace.

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HSE publishes new Mental Health Guidelines

On Friday, the Health and Safety Executive published new guidelines on ‘first aid’ for mental health, which included spotting the early signs and knowing how to support employees. The guidelines were in response to an open letter written by 50 business leaders, who called for greater mental health funding, and extensive changes in the current legislation.

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