Week commencing 5th November 2018 – In the News

HSE Investigation after eight injured at fireworks display

The HSE has launched an extensive investigation after eight children were injured when an inflatable slide collapsed in Woking. The organisers of the fireworks display declared a ‘major incident’, and ambulance services were notified. Preliminary investigations are underway to identify what occurred, and why so many required medical attention.

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Skin cancer warning for outdoor workers

Recent research by the Journal of Occupational Medicine uncovered and reiterated the dangers posed by prolonged exposure to UV rays. In light of the record-breaking summer that the UK had in 2018, medical professionals have strengthened their calls for employers to provide education and medical support to those affected by skin cancer.

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Norwich-based contractor fined heavily after asbestos mishandling

The HSE intervened in the activities of a Norwich-based company after it was uncovered that they were handling the disposal of asbestos in an unsafe manner. Indeed, the contractors had been using a dry broom and vacuum cleaner to remove the dangerous substance. The investigation continues.

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Calls for first aid alarms to be placed on construction sites

This week, Bradley Markham of Bull Products wrote of the need to have easily-identifiable first aid alarms on construction sites to supplement first aid kits. He suggested that such initiatives would enable trained responders to provide urgent medical assistance more quickly, thus reducing injuries and even fatalities. First aid is often the most critical stage in reducing the severity of an injury, and this article calls for discussions on the topic.

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Sedentary work life increases risk of chronic health conditions

The Journal of Occupational Medicine this week outlined the impact that a sedentary professional lifestyle can have on general health. Indeed, the research highlighted the relationship between low-exercise and many occupational diseases. Furthermore, those who are active in their recreational lives may still be at risk.

How do you promote a healthy lifestyle in the workplace?

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