Week commencing 22nd October – In the News

Health and safety ban on bags leads to an inventive solution

On Monday, we reported on how a furore had erupted at an unnamed school after schoolbags and rucksacks were banned. The decision was made in order to prevent injuries arising from their misuse. However, both parents and pupils responded angrily; believing that a lack of work material would drive down productivity. One particularly inventive pupil staged silent protest by bringing his books to school in a microwave!

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Sheffield Children’s NHS foundation reveal the benefits of in-house physiotherapy

SHPOnline spoke to the Sheffield Children’s NHS foundation over the benefits of providing in-house physiotherapy sessions to staff, as part of an ongoing process to promote wellbeing. The trust found that productivity increased significantly, as the number of days lost to sick leave diminished.

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Advice given during the European Week for Safety and Health at Work

To coincide with the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, calls were renewed to promote risk mitigation in the workplace. This year, the focus was on workplace illnesses and exposure to dangerous carcinogens. Sobering statistics from the HSE reveal 8,000 people continue to die from occupational-related cancer each year.

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Hull City Council fined after worker suffers severe injuries

Hull City Council have been fined in excess of £185,000 after a worker sustained severe injuries to his ribs and head. The HSE stated that the council had failed to address the ‘obvious risk’ associated with ice-laying, and had failed to implement suitable safety precautions.

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Calls for a maximum workplace temperature rejected

Despite one of the hottest, most sweltering summers on record; calls to implement a safe maximum workplace temperature were rejected this week. The move has been criticised heavily, with many suggesting that the government must to do more to protect workers as effects of global warming continue to be felt.

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