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Top tips unveiled for preventing infection

This week, to coincide with International Infection Prevention Week, the company Deb unveiled 5 simple, effective and proven ways to bring down infectious diseases. The approach blends training, research and positive reinforcement together to ensure that the approach works. We have created a handy graphic, but make sure you read the article below for more.

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Amazon accused of treating workers like ‘robots’

On Monday, the GMB union suggested that workers in Amazon Warehouses are being treated like ‘robots’ and are given little Health and Safety training. The same report highlighted how 440 serious incidents have been investigated by the HSE since 2015.

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Worker required finger amputation after incident

In January 2018, Birmingham Magistrate’s Court heard of how a worker required amputation to two fingers after his gloved hand became entrapped in rotating spindles. The company responsible, who had not implemented sufficient guarding, were fined in excess of £14,000.

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Tackling a looming Health and Safety problem

This week, wellbeing expert David Price spoke to SHPOnline on the ways in which employers can recognise and tackle loneliness in the workplace. A recent report suggested that up to 9 million UK workers felt lonely at work. Loneliness continues to be an integral part of Mental Health, and an aspect that not be overlooked.

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Biffa joins the fight against modern slavery

On Friday, waste disposal and logistics company Biffa highlighted their commitment to tackle all forms of Modern Slavery. The company joined the Slave-Free Alliance on Thursday. If you have any concerns about how you or your company might tackle slavery, make sure that you take a look at WA Management’s fantastic online courses on the subject; which start at only £12.50 + VAT.

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