Week commencing 30th July – In the News

Neil Hewitt of Arco Safety outlines incoming changes to PPE

The new PPE directive EU 2016/425 is set to make the most significant changes to PPE in 20 years, according to Neil Hewitt, Divisional Director of Quality and Technical Standards at Arco Safety. The guidelines are being introduced to streamline and standardise PPE supply chains, as well as more clearly defining the legal obligations of manufacturers. The directive is set to complete its introductory transitional phase on 21st April 2019.

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An ‘incomplete and inconsistent approach to Health and Safety led to the deaths of two workers, says HSE

The deaths of two workers at a manufacturing firm in Norwich was a ‘wholly avoidable accident’, according to the HSE. The workers were killed in a spraying booth accident when the flammable vapour generated from paint gun flushing ignited, causing a deadly explosion.

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Wellbeing in the workplace should be more than ‘exercises’ and ‘fruit on tables’

There were the suggestions espoused by Dr Judith Grant of Mace Group at Safety and Health Expo 2018. She echoed advice which said that wellbeing should be promoted in terms of its tangible financial benefits to a company.

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WA Management releases its latest Research Blog on ‘Beach Safety’

To coincide with the continuing glorious weather, and as summer holidays reach their apogee, WA Management unveiled its latest research blog on ‘Beach Safety’. This week, we turned our attention to the hidden hazards that good potentially ruin a day at the seaside. The blog is jam-packed with great tips to avoid tides, currents and the dreaded sunburn. It is well worth a read before you head to the coast this summer!


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Head to RNLI HERE – their encyclopaedic database of facts and tips was immeasurably useful in composing the blog

The legal responsibilities of employers in maintaining a comfortable ambient temperature in the workplace were reiterated this week.

Sarah Valentine, of Eversheds Sutherland Global Law, outlined this week the extent to which employers are legally obliged to ensure a safe and comfortable workplace. The quoted the HSE’s thermal comfort guidelines, which state that an office must be between 13 and 30 degrees (adjusting as the circumstances do). Her advice remains pertinent as the UK continues to sizzle under the heatwave.

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The ‘Digging up Britain’ by LSBUD revealed worrying statistics when it comes to pre-work utility line searches

The report, published by Line Search Before U Dig (LSBUD), highlighted how only 56% of excavation sites thoroughly check for water and electrical assets before commencing work. The risks of neglecting this hazard are tangible – with electrical-related incidents reported to the HSE doubling in 2016/17 to 1,244.

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