Week commencing 9th July 2018 – In the News

The mission to save 12 young boys and their coach in Thailand grips the world

This week, the world was gripped by the plight of a young football team and their coach in Thailand, who became trapped by floodwater in the Tham Luang cave complex. The international Health and Safety community game together from all over the world to help formulate a rescue operation. By Wednesday morning, all had been rescued and they remain under quarantine in hospital. WA Management commends the professionalism and bravery of the rescuers, and the resilience of the young boys.

The operation was a resounding success, marred only by the tragic death of Thai Navy Seal diver Suman Gunan, who died heroically supplying oxygen to the boys.

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Tumultuous week concerning Brexit

They say a week is a long time in politics, and no moreso has that rang true than during the tumultuous political events that took place this week. Both David Davis and Boris Johnson handed in their resignations – disrupting further the complicate landscape of Brexit. The new Brexit Secretary, Dominac Raab was later suspended from the House of Commons after attempting to chair a debate before MPs had had chance to read the material being discussed.

Finally, the arrival of Donald Trump to the UK on Thursday afternoon was met with nationwide hostility and protesting, despite the President stating with characteristic self-confidence that Britons ‘like him very much’.

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New approaches to workplace drug testing should be implemented, according to Eurofins

 Eurofins, testing and research laboratory company, this week discussed the need for workplace drug testing systems to adapt to the changing UK drug culture. The article outlined how modern drug consumption was blurring the line between recreational and professional use. The article also suggested that confidential support schemes, instead of victimising and blaming through random testing, could be the means by which to solve the problem.

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Research by SGS highlights worrying disparities between Public and Private sector Health and Safety

Research conducted by testing and certification company SGS highlighted worrying disparities between Public and Private sectors when it comes to Health and Safety standards. The survey, which spoke to 289 people from 263 organisations highlighted disparities in general risk mitigation and the implementation of safety management systems.

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Facebook fined £500,000 for breaches in data privacy

This week, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) fined Facebook £500,000 for breaches in data privacy. Cambridge Analytica, a company who acquired the personal details of over 87m people via a third-party Facebook app, also face prosecution. Whilst the Information Commission stated that the fine would ‘damage the reputation of Facebook’, many thought that the fines did not go far enough.

Kyle Tyler of FairVoteUK, a freedom of speech and anti-corruption thinktank, argued that the fines were ‘pocket-change’ to Facebook. He stated that, under new GDPR laws, the company should have been charged upward of £479m.

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A ‘culture change’ in Fire Risk Assessments needs to occur, according to Brian Gregory at FIREX 2018

Speaking at FIREX International last month, Brian Gregory of Safety Management UK highlighted a need for an entire ‘culture change’ surrounding fire safety standards and risk assessments. His comments, which were influenced by Dame Judith Hackett’s report into building safety standards in the UK, suggested that inspectors should refocus and reprioritise professionalism over cost-cutting.

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