Week commencing 25th June 2018 – In the News

TUC issues Health and Safety advice for scorching summer temperatures

As workers across the nation enjoy a rare and pleasant episode of gorgeous sunny weather, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) offers advice on what employers can do to protect their workforce.

Here at WA Management, we echo the advice of drinking lots of fluids, wearing plenty of sunscreen and ensuring that the working environment is cool and comfortable. However, we would also suggest the occasional ice-cream break for good measure. Read the full article here.



Disparities between the paperwork and reality surrounding ISO 45001

The discussions arising out of the Safety and Health Expo 2018 dominated many of news stories this week. One such panel, chaired by Kate Field, spoke of the pressing need for communication, accountability and transparency surrounding the implementation of safety management systems.

She said, “Although a lot of organisations have very good worker engagement they are struggling to really demonstrate this non-managerial participation.” Read the attached article below to find out more, and SHARE your opinions on the debate on our social media accounts



Workwear manufacturer Ballyclare Ltd announces a wider range of female workwear

            Workwear provider Ballyclare Ltd announced this week its renewed efforts to reflect the increasingly diverse nature of modern industrial sectors. Ballyclare initially looked to expand its range to provide more comfortable female fits for those working in construction and utilities.

Much like the precise nature of Ballyclare’s clothes, WA Management offers a tailored business experience – working with the client to provide the best fit.



Calls for more emphasis on suicide prevention in the construction sector

            Returning to the Safety and Health Expo 2018, Head of Health and Safety in Construction at Mace, Martin Coyd OBE, spoke of the pressing need to increase mental health awareness in the construction sector. He cited poor job security and the physical strenuousness of work as potential reasons for the 454 suicides in the sector in 2016. Stating that “we are the highest risk industry”, Coyd said that promoting an environment of trust and openness was key to tackling the problem. Read the full article here.

If you have concerns about your or a colleague’s mental health at work; contact the Samaritans or the Construction Industry Helpline for free and confidential help.



Companies should look to ‘embrace health’ as much as they do safety

            Neil Grace, President of British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), suggested that companies should look to mitigate the often-neglected risks of workplace illness. Grace said that a new, broader approach to occupational diseases could build upon the structures already in place for workplace safety.

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WA Management announces its new “Hazard of the Month”!

As our social media accounts show, our “Hazard of the Month” for July is Aspergillosis. Yes, that is a real word, and no, our intern didn’t fall asleep on the keyboard spelling it.

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