October 2017 – In the News

Fireworks in November

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Fireworks, Bonfires, so hot,
We see no reason
Why Firework Season
Should be such a dangerous lot!

990 injuries were caused in the UK last October and November as the result of improper safety measures around fireworks and bonfires. Enjoy the magic without the danger and follow the warnings below:


(P.S this website is wonderfully interactive and a great was to share the dangers across all ages!)


Go Home Healthy

Everyone should go home healthy from work. Do the right thing by protecting your workers’ health.

Twelve thousand workers die each year from lung disease.

Nine million working days are lost each year because of musculoskeletal disorders.

Twelve million working days were lost last year because of stress.

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HSE Launches 2nd Phase of Construction Inspection Campaign

Construction projects across Britain are being urged to act now to ensure the health and safety of their workers is protected as the second phase of a targeted inspection initiative gets underway today.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says 43 workers were fatally injured in 2015/16, and an estimated ten times that number died from construction related ill-health, with a further 65,000 self-reported non-fatal injuries.

HSE is now asking every construction contractor, client and designer to ensure they are not adding to this unacceptable toll of harm by failing to manage well-known risks…

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Recycling Company Fined £100,000 After Worker Struck by Moving Machine

A recycling company has today been fined after a worker was left with life changing injuries after he was struck by a moving machine.

Shrewsbury Crown Court heard how, on 5 December 2014, the employee was working as a litter picker at Lodgewood Farm, Telford, when he was struck by a shovel loader as he was standing next to a brick wall on the site.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found the loading shovel driver initially thought he had just hit the wall and had not realised he had struck someone. The driver climbed down from the cab to check for damage and found the employee badly injured on the floor.

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New EN 131 Standard In Development

A revised set of new EN131 ladder standards are due to be introduced to the European market from the 1st January 2018. These changes are designed primarily to address ladder stability and durability and introduce a classification of “use” to the new standard. Within the new standard ladders will be classified as “EN131 Professional”, (intended for use in a workplace), and “EN131 Non-Professional” (intended for use by domestic users).

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Daimler Recalls 400,000 Mercedes-Benz Cars in The UK

About 400,000 Mercedes-Benz cars are being recalled by Daimler in the UK over a potential airbag safety issue.

The firm’s safety recall covers more than a million vehicles worldwide, including 495,000 in the US. The recall is not related to the exploding Takata airbag scandal, and there have been no fatalities.

The problem affects certain A, B, C, and E-Class models, together with CLA, GLA and GLC vehicles, built between November 2011 and July 2017.

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Kobe Steel Scam Hits Planes, Trains, Automobiles

Kobe Steel Ltd. has made a startling admission: It sold products that failed quality control tests to about 500 companies. Worse still, it did so not in error but by falsifying data to make it appear that items had made the grade. Aircraft, electronics, car and bullet train manufacturers were among the recipients, raising obvious safety concerns. From Boeing Co. to Ford Motor Co., companies are scrambling to check any affected products. And Japan Inc. is facing up to another embarrassing scandal.

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HGV Driver Killed by Runaway Vehicle

A road haulage company based in Essex has been fined after an employee was fatally crushed by a runaway heavy goods vehicle (HGV).

Martin Greenwood was working as a driver for YCT at Thurrock Parkway in Tilbury. He was coupling a HGV tractor unit to a trailer on 20 October 2015 when the vehicle started to roll forward out of control.

Greenwood attempted to climb into the lorry’s cab to apply the brakes but was crushed between his vehicle and another, Southend Magistrates’ Court was told. He sustained serious injuries and died that day.

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Positive Ballot Will See New Standard Launched Within Months

What’s anticipated to be the last meeting of the committee developing ISO 45001 – Occupational health and safety management systems – requirements with guidance for use (ISO PC 283), has taken place in Malacca, Malaysia.

IOSH, which has special status as a ‘liaison body’ to the committee, was one of a hundred international delegates at the meeting. Delegates had assembled to collectively consider the 1,600 comments submitted to the public consultation on the draft standard (ISO DIS 45001.2).

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