China’s Glass Walkway Opens in Tianmen Mountain

China’s newest glass-bottomed walkway is a real hair raiser.


Situated off the side of China’s Tianmen Mountain, the 100-meter-long, 1.6-meter-wide skywalk is situated high above Hunan’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Dubbed the “Coiling Dragon Cliff” skywalk, the clear glass walkway overlooks a sheer drop that would turn any stomach.

Coiling Dragon Cliff looks out on Tianmen Tongtian Avenue, a road with 99 turns that switch back and forth up the mountainside. The road’s name translates to “avenue toward heaven.”


Photos show cautious tourists sticking by the mountainside, while more adventurous visitors pose for photos at the skywalk’s edge. After taking one look at this stomach-churning drop, we think we’ll stick to solid ground. Check out photos of the glass skywalk below, if you dare.

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